FEELS: Reception and Art Show at Ford Hall

The EMU School of Art & Design presents the FEELS student art exhibition in the Ford Hall Gallery on Wednesday, Oct. 11. A synopsis from the show reads... 

---“This exhibition begins with the body. It assembles works that use the body as a site of feeling and a site of identity --- a place from which we establish ourselves as political, intimate, and undeniably physical creatures. The nine artist presented in this show work across a variety of media including video, performance, sculpture, and painting. Although their approaches and materials vary, each of these artists’ work in some way centers touch: not only as a physical expression but as a mindset, a placing of vulnerability and humanity at the cores of their practices. The works in this show stand in opposition to the critical distance and cold formality of so much contemporary art, exhibiting an interest in immediate, tactile and poetic uses of body and material.”

Cheyenne Thomas

The gallery is quite small, and it will probably take you more time to read the statement above than to actually view the show itself, but it is very much worthwhile to witness the talent of Eastern’s young student artists. The show will be up for the remainder of the month till the 25th. 

Cheyenne Thomas

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