EMU’s clinical research administration graduate program earns top ranking

The clinical research administration graduate program at Eastern Michigan University’s College of Health and Human Services is the best was ranked No. 1 in the country, according to Health Management Degrees’ website

The list ranked research and clinical graduate programs across multiple colleges across the U.S. Four main factors, according to the website, were used to determine the rank of each of the 25 universities on the list: expertise and involvement in the field, career training and curricular relevance, accessibility to students, application of knowledge. These factors were determined by the nature of course work, required experience for admission, program membership, etc. 

While tuition was considered, it wasn’t a main factor considering the fluctuations in cost. Estimated tuition cost was included with the listing of each university. Schools like Campbell University, Saint Cloud State University and San Jose State University made some of the top spot, but EMU earned the No. 1 spot. 

EMU’s clinical research administration graduate degree was praised both for it’s option of an entirely online degree and its expectation for baseline knowledge in the industry. This expectation, according to the website, allows for an accelerated program for those who have already worked in the field. Those who already have experience can potentially finish their degree in less then two years part-time. 

The program was named in the No.1 spot in the same list in April of last year, according to EMU Today and the program’s website. The repeated honor has been advantageous, as the College of Health and Human Services has undertaken a marketing campaign to help advertise their programs, including a YouTube channel with videos describing programs

EMU’s clinical research administration degree can be researched on their website, as well as through the university’s course catalog

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