Politics at Thanksgiving: A tale of two parties

Welcome back, I hope your holiday was filled with all the family fun and turkey it could be. No doubt you were asked some embarrassing questions about your social life or how college is going, but politics was probably another issue that was brought up. Perhaps reigniting all the sour feelings and bitter words from last year. 

The fact is, even after a year from the election of Donald Trump, America still can’t move on. We are still obsessed with the fact of why and how could this have happened. Even those who supported Trump must still think the same, but in a more positive light.

To this day, we Americans still see each other bitterly divided over the question of President Trump. Some have come to embrace the man and defend him fiercely, while others pray daily for some strange tragedy to occur that moves Trump from office and even existence. 

These rash and selfish feelings are blinding. Those of us who dislike Trump are caught between two courses. The first, more traditional route, tell us to be calm and to wait, to resist where necessary and to only push for impeachment when evidence and time prompt it to.

The other course is one of consistent and rampant resistance to any action from the current administration. A course I find to be rather unhealthy in the long term, but one I cannot discount.

Sadly in all our efforts, whether defending or excommunicating Trump, we lose sight of what really matters and quite frankly let us down this path in the first place. We continue to forget we are living in an era of tremendous change.

Our economy, social structure, political feelings and safety are all changing. We are faced with many daunting tasks in order to meet these challenges and it's going to take a great many viewpoints and perspectives in order to meet them, in order to face them boldly and courageously as our ancestors did. 

So here we sit, bathing in the political and social filth that will be indicative of the Trump era. These next few years and they will be years, will be rough and slow for both sides. In the process we are creating a new political divide -- one that will hopefully be healthier and we carry us through this century. 

This is something we must be very conscientious about if we are going to move past this hostility. Now, we must be able to create a path for the next political era to be one of more productive and unified times.

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