EMU celebrates #GivingTRUEDAY

Anna Nawrocki (left) and Akshata Hiremath (right) at the college of arts and sciences giving table.

With November being the month of giving, Eastern Michigan University holds Giving TRUE DAY as a way to raise funds and support different aspects of the university.

National Giving Tuesday is held every year after Thanksgiving. The official website states that it is nationally recognized as a time to kick off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

EMU has rebranded National Giving Tuesday as Giving TRUE DAY. On Tuesday, Nov. 28, students, faculty, professors, and the public were welcome to make a gift towards an EMU cause or program of their choice. The incentives and programs that participated on Giving TRUE DAY included Swoop’s Student Pantry, college of arts and sciences, and WEMU radio station, just to name a few.

Communication major Anna Nawrocki has been a student at EMU for four years and decided to give back to her own department for the first time.

“I really believe in what they are doing,” Nawrocki said. “This is just my way of giving back for my education. I just hope that they are able to keep doing what they’re doing.”

A few of the programs held their own gift making stations on different parts of campus. Active Minds of EMU was in the Student Center and the college of arts and sciences stationed themselves on the second floor of the Pray-Harrold building offering free prizes to those who made a gift.

In King Hall, WEMU celebrated Giving Tuesday by conducting a one-day pledge drive and live jam sessions with jazz group The Kurt Krahnke Trio. They welcomed musicians from all over the Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti area trade musical chairs with The Kurt Krahnke Trio and music students to have a chance to play with professionals. Free food, sweets, and hot chocolate was offered to anyone who visited them as well.

“I think it’s a good counterpoint to the whole buy-buy-buy aspect of the holidays immediately after Thanksgiving,” WEMU Music Director Linda Yohn said. “This is about giving back and WEMU really gives to the community … with our music and of course with our in-depth local news.”

According to EMU Today’s website, Eastern Michigan University surpassed last year’s record by nearly $200,000 with a total of 921 givers during the day.

“This year we doubled the amount of giving from the previous year which speaks to the accomplishment of showing how Eastern and its reputation for fundraising are going under significant improvements,” said EMU Foundation trustee and student body president Miles Payne.

On the personal-finance website Wallet Hub, released its report on the most charitable states of the 2017 year. Overall, Michigan currently ranks 39 out of the 50 states with being ranked 22 in charitable giving and 42 in service and volunteering leaving the final score at 60.35 percent.

Although Giving Tuesday is over until next year, the EMU Foundation is always welcoming support from anyone who wants to make a gift to any of the programs listed on their website

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