Police Blotter Jan. 21 – Jan. 27

Sunday, Jan. 21

The Ypsilanti Police Department responded to an assault and battery call at 615 Pearl Street at 2:59a.m. 

Two individuals reported attempts from another individual to force friendship with them via manipulative messages on the Internet. The crime was reported at 5:17p.m. 

Monday, Jan. 22

The Ypsilanti Police Department found an individual in possession of cocaine and obstructing police at N. River Street and E. Forest Avenue at 6:02a.m. The circumstances were considered suspicious. 

A citation was issued to a driver at Lowell Street and Forest Avenue for driving while their license was suspended. 

A male individual was arrested at 1200 Oakwood Street on warrant at 8:36p.m. 

Tuesday, Jan. 23

Counterfeit bills were taken by a cash agency at Pierce Hall at 12:45p.m.

A student reported unauthorized activity on their back account at 1200 Oakwood Street at 8:27p.m. 

A fight occurred inside the Eastern Eateries at 11p.m., resulting in damage to property and harm to each student participating in it. 

Wednesday, Jan. 24 

A fraudulent parking hangtag was removed from a vehicle at Hoyt Hall at 12:06p.m. 

Thursday, Jan. 25

A driver was arrested for outstanding warrants after being stopped for driving with a suspended license at Green Road and Leforge Road at 12:40a.m. 

Two subjects were issued a trespassing notice for disorderly conduct in Pray Harrold at 7p.m. 

Saturday, Jan. 27

An unknown driver struck a vehicle with their own in the Green Lot between 11p.m., Jan. 25 and 11:30a.m., Jan. 27. The driver failed to stop and identify, and was reported at 11:44a.m.

A subject was lodged with a failure to appear (FTA) warrant at 3025 E. Michigan Avenue at 10:09p.m. 

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