EMU Students for Choice promotes sex-positive education

 A student organization at Eastern Michigan University, EMU Students for Choice, aims to eliminate the stigma around sex by providing information and resources on reproductive health and sex education. 

The pro-choice organization uses current events relating to sex and student concerns as part of their meeting agenda.

“We like to focus on sex-positive thinking, the spreading of reproductive knowledge for safer sex, and reproductive justice.” EMU freshman Phoebe Callebs said.

Monday, Feb. 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the group had a table set up in EMU’s Student Center. Their table sported a poster saying “There’s Nothing Sexier than Consent and Protection,” with additional information and statistics for the interested student. Some of the information included tips on how to be safe or the legalities of consent. 

Callebs said she believes that this group is meant to empower people sexually instead of teaching people to refrain from their sexual needs.

The group used this time to offer condoms and knowledge about safe sex. They host two tables a year, and often host them close to Valentine’s Day to garner the most interest. At both tables they hand out condoms and any information that students could look for.

“Most students are hesitant to take a condom or other contraceptive in a public setting, but we are a nonjudgmental group reducing stigma around sexual interactions,” said Alyssa Misiak, a returning member of the organization. 

Along with condoms and information, the organization was handing out free Valentines and candy. 

“People were well receptive to our message,” Misiak said. 

EMU Students for Choice also appears at Fajita Fest every year to help empower more students.

“Everyone in the group is welcoming and accepting, and it’s empowering to work with such a group of individuals to make our college campus safer and more informed for everyone.” Misiak said. “We love having diverse representation at our meetings.”

The group is meant as a safe space for students from all walks of life who are interested in safe sex and taking control of their own reproductive systems. It speaks out for the right to health care and privacy rights and the policies that affect them. It’s more than just one meeting a week discussing the use of condoms.

“I am a huge advocate for safe sex and I really like teaching people about it,” Callebs said. 

Many members are interested in spreading not only information, but means of staying safe.

This organization is open for all students and meets on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in 609 Pray-Harrold and is open to all genders, ages and sexual orientations. Their Facebook page has more information on their events.

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