Five places to study on campus that AREN’T the library

Everyone knows that the library is an ideal place to get homework done. It’s quiet, there’s lots of different places to work at, and all sorts of resources all around. It seems like there would be no downsides, right? Well, there isn’t but as previously mentioned, everyone knows that the library is the place to go to get stuff done. Everyone goes to the library on campus. So, here are five places to go study that are nearby and just as good as the library.

  1. The student lounge in the Student Center; located on the second floor by the stairs leading up to the third floor, the student lounge is a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the Student Center. Grab a snack from the Lobby Shop, a coffee from Starbucks and head over to enjoy some quietness and get some studying done.
  2. The lounge on the second floor of Pray Harold; it’s near the windows, gets lots of natural light, and is right by the printing kiosk. It might get kind of loud at times, but other times is a perfect location to be productive. Plus, the Eagle Café is just a short walk away to grab some chocolate during a particularly stressful assignment.
  3. The Wise Room at The Commons; though The Commons is constantly buzzing with students, tours, and even staff members, one can find some sort of peace in the sort of sectioned off seating area in the back of the building. With lots of window seats and tables big enough to fit everything you need to study, The Wise Room is a great place to go and do work while also grabbing a meal, or maybe just some ice cream.
  4. The second floor of the Rec/IM building; it’s almost always nearly empty in this little lounge. Plus, it’s set off to the side of the different classrooms and aerobics studio. There’s plenty of space to sit and it is never too loud up there either. Whether it is after a nice workout, or before one of the different group fitness classes that are offered, this space is great to chill for a moment with some textbooks and class notes.
  5. The Honors College; you don’t even have to be a part of the Honors College to go study there. Downstairs is kept pretty quiet with lots of seats and cozy little nooks. It’s away from the major craziness of a college campus but still close enough to not be an insane trek from any of the building where classes are held.

Next time finals approach, or students just need a break from studying at the library, these five places are a great alternative. With an environment still good for being productive, they all give students a chance to switch up the routine of library study sessions.

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