Police Blotter Jan. 28 – Feb. 3

Sunday, Jan. 28

The Ypsilanti Police Department reported a 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct at 8:31p.m. at 122 North Normal Street. 

The illegal use of an Eagle One card for a meal plan swipe was reported to EMU police at 6:11p.m. The crime occurred between 1a.m. and 6:11p.m. 

Monday, Jan. 29

The Ypsilanti Police Department reported an individual resisting an officer at 402 W. Michigan Avenue at 1:23a.m. 

The YPD also reported 2nd degree criminal sexual contact at occurring at 803 N. Congress Street at 1:36a.m. 

An individual was arrested with assistance from another law enforcement agency at Halle Library at 4:30a.m. 

An individual was issued a citation fro driving with a suspended license at 6:21p.m. at Washtenaw Avenue and Roosevelt Blvd. 

An employee disputed the card usage of a student at the Student Center between 5:30p.m. and 9:30p.m. on Jan. 16. The crime was reported on Jan. 29, 6:35p.m. 

Tuesday, Jan. 30

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department reported a domestic assault, which occurred at 648 Villa Drive between Dec. 23, 11p.m. and Dec. 24, 1:30a.m. The crime was reported on Jan. 30, 5:33p.m. 

A verbal dispute between a couple at Westview Apartment Building was reported via noise complaint at 8:15a.m. 

A passenger of a driver’s car was cited for marijuana use at Washtenaw Avenue and Courtland at 1:34p.m. 

An individual took food from the Eastern Eateries without paying at 9:28p.m. 

Wednesday, Jan. 31

A hit and run occurred at South Oakwood Lot on Jan. 25, between 9a.m. and 2p.m. The crime was reported on Jan. 31, 10:40a.m. 

Two subjects were reported for disorderly conduct at 718 Pittman at 4:37p.m. 

Thursday, Feb. 1

A student’s roommate caused a disturbance in their dorm, resulting in property damage in Hoyt Residence Hall at 4:58p.m. 

A parking pass was stolen from an unlocked vehicle at Green Lot 1 at 5:51p.m. 

Odor of marijuana was discovered in a Hill Residence Hall at 8:02p.m. 

Friday, Feb. 2

An individual was arrested for a traffic warrant at Washtenaw Avenue and Cornell Road at 12:11a.m. 

An ex roommate pulled her former roommate’s hair in Hoyt Residence Hall between 12:30a.m. and 12:40a.m. The crime was reported at 1:04a.m. 

An individual was assaulted at Phelps Residence Hall at 5:20a.m. 

Saturday, Feb. 3

Marijuana and narcotic equipment was found in a driver’s car during a routine traffic stop at Huron River Drive and Oakwood Street at 1:11a.m. 

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