5 Festivals in Michigan this summer you don’t want to miss!

Michigan has a lot to offer and one of the most popular summer treats is the festivals. Recently we found a whole list of them online, ironically named ohiofestivals.net, but it lists all the festivals happening in Michigan this summer. In this article we’ve picked a few from the list you may want to check out!

1. The Annual Great Lakes Boating Festival, May 20th located in Gross Pointe. This fest is hosted by the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. They have a boat show, antique shows, jet skis, remote control sail boats, and more! You can even apply online to show your artwork at the boat show’s new art showing.

2. Rochester’s Heritage Days, May 20th at Rochester Municipal Park. They have crafting sessions, games for children, and food! They also have dance performances as well as booths for purchasing home made goods and art.

3. May’d in Michigan - Spring Music Festival & Vendor Show, on Memorial Day Weekend in Augusta, Michigan. This has free admission on Saturday and Sunday (until 2p.m.)! They feature artists and anyone who vendors hand-made items. A great sort of place to find unique gifts or furniture pieces. They also have live music entertainment!

4. Pirate Street Faire, on May 27th, located at Huron Street Pavilion. This festival includes sword fighting and mermaids! There will also be live musical entertainment, food, and of course, art. This festival was made for adventurers all over Michigan!

5. Jackson Blues Fest, on May 31st, located in Jackson, Michigan. This festival is all about live music and bands performing on stage for hundreds. The festival has been held for 17 years straight and still going strong. Some performers include: The Boa Constrictors, Shawn Halt and the Teardrops, and the Big Boss Blues Band! 

To find more festivals you can attend, just go to www.ohiofestivals.net/michigan-festivals. 

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