Review of Detroit Vegan Souls Restaurant


I was sitting having a coffee in the early afternoon and noticed there weren’t many vegan options I’d like to try at the place I was at the time, and the prices weren’t really my taste. I also realized I had never been to a fully vegan restaurant before and would really like to go. As a disclosure, I myself am not a full vegan – however, I have developed a health condition that prevents me from eating dairy now and therefore I like to use vegan products to replace the dairy products I used to love. Visiting a fully vegan restaurant was the best idea I had for lunch that day. I simply typed ‘vegan food’ into my GPS on my phone, and the first choice that came up said Detroit Vegan Soul. 

This restaurant is located on Grand River Avenue, in Detroit Michigan. When I walked in my first thought was that it was a bit tiny but comfortable and inviting. The staff were very nice and since I mentioned I had never been there before, they sat me right away and explained how it all worked. I was assuming it would be a little similar to a Panera Bread where you order at the counter and then take your food to a table, but they had waiters and waitresses and a menu you could browse at your own table while they get your drink. The service was very fast, it took less than five minutes to get my food. The restaurant had a cute atmosphere with photos of local Detroit districts all on the wall, with very upbeat hip music and comfortable seats and tables. 

The menu is just at you’d expect – soul food. I was only there for lunch so I ordered a side of (vegan) macaroni and cheese. But I was a little disappointed at the price, $6 for a side dish. It’s understandable that they’re using vegan cheese for it, which can be pricey, but I’m assuming they cooked the macaroni all in a large pot to serve customers quickly and easily, so I’m guessing each helping was worth a lot less money, and they’re making a huge profit. 

Aside from the price, this mac’n’cheese was light and fluffy. It was very good and a bit spicy because that’s to be expected with soul food. You would never guess it was vegan so if you’re willing to pay $6 for it I would recommend it. Maybe just ask the waitress if they can give you a whole bowl –I like to eat my mac’n’cheese as a meal, honestly, as do a lot of people I think. It’s a comfort food! The rest of the menu looked to be very new but with plenty of options. This restaurant is definitely what people want out of a vegan soul food place!

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