The Struts (Artist Review)

Drums to hold the beat, bass to create the rhythm, guitar to make you bob your head, the occasional piano and strings to compliment the singer, and the voice that becomes the center of attention as soon as it's introduced. Between Luke's tongue roles and Adam's glissandos, The Struts have found a way to mesh the sound of English rock bands from the past with a unique ego that only The Struts can pull off.

Their first album, Everybody Wants, is a solid album that brings out the pop, rock, and anthems that easily draw a fan base. Their ability to play a variety of styles and genres comes from a unique chemistry between the band-mates. Luke Spiller is clearly the front-man with the swagger of Jagger and the voice of Mercury. His bold appearance and energetic style of performing easily motivates audiences to quit listening to the music and live it. He always finds a way to be flashy, whether it’s his outfit or band introduction.

Adam Slack is the band's guitarists. He is responsible for the riffs and glissandos that create the uniqueness in The Strut's sound. Rather than bring out the guitar in a solo, he effectively uses power chords and riffs to capture the listener. Guitar solos, such as the one in These Times Are Changing, are scarce, but add more character to a sound that already has a lot of it.

An electric figure, bassist Jed Elliott moves the songs along. Although Gethin is responsible for the beat, Elliott continues to add richness to the chords played by other instruments. His rhythm helps hold the band together while singing rich harmonies that compliment Slack's. On stage presence is a large role for Elliott, as he and other members of the band have created an onstage persona that fits The Struts.

Drummer Gethin Davies can't stand up during the set, so band-mates Jed and Slack regularly pay him visits to keep their sound together and amplify it. A steady rhythm of cymbals and drum-rolls set the beat, while the riffs pump up the crowd and set the downbeat for a heavy vocal chord by Luke.

These four musicians have found the way to create a modern sound with the traditional set of an English rock band. 

Opening for classic rock legends Mötley Crew, The Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, The Killers and The Who, these four modern rockers find their sound in the studio from their experiences playing live. They have a new album completed and ready for release this year while currently performing solo shows, as well as opening shows for the Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold Tour.

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