Should We Look Forward To The Future NFL?

 Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash.

Last Monday was one of the most exciting football games I have ever witnessed. The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Los Angeles Rams in a battle that best compared to Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali exchanging punches through 15 rounds. By the end of the game both teams totaled 105 points, 1001 yards and 7 turnovers. I loved it.

This was a new high for the NFL regular season. Prime time games have generally been garbage matchups. Being able to sit down and enjoy a game is something that doesn’t really happen all that often. Is the NFL heading towards a future where games are more competitive through all 60 minutes? Yes, and it is going to be awesome.

Some will scream to the high heavens that defense no longer matters. This is not true. Defense still matters, but it will be taking on a new role. The combined defense of the Rams and the Chiefs scored eighteen points off of scoop-and-scores.  Strip sacks and picks are the most valuable defensive attributes in the league. Having a lockdown corner, like Jalen Ramsey or Xavier Rhodes, or an elite pass rusher, like Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack, will allow you to put pressure on offenses and make big plays. This leads to an interesting type of playstyle for elite teams. It is a marriage of high-octane offenses that can move the ball and score, with exciting and impactful plays on defense.

As a viewer, it’s time to buckle up. We are in for a roller coaster of excitement for the next few years.

Luke Gremban is an opinion columnist for the Eastern Echo.

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