Last year on Nov. 20, a game was played between the Buffalo Bulls of New York and the Eastern Michigan University Eagles. By the end of the first quarter, both teams score was zero. However, due to two 1-yard touchdowns, Eastern was in the lead with 14-7 over the Bulls.

By the third quarter of this game, both teams were able to score another touchdown, but EMU was still in the lead ending the game with as an Eastern Michigan University victory with 21-points.

This upcoming Saturday, Nov. 12, the Eagles are going up against the Bulls once again for the 2011 football season. Having played nine games this season, EMU has won five games, so far. With the same amount of games played this season, the Bulls hold two wins under their belt.

It is possible that EMU may be turning this game into another victory. This season, EMU has scored an average of 21.2 points per a game, whereas the Buffalo Bulls score an average of 18.2 points per a game.

This football season, EMU gained 2,359 rushing yards, while the Buffalo Bulls gained 1,381 rushing yards. However, the Bulls have completed 627 plays this season, resulting in a 51 plays difference then the Eagles. Plus, the Bulls’ passing compared to the Eagles has a 995 difference. But with these stats, EMU has the lead in the areas of interceptions, yards rushed, and the scoring of touchdowns.

In the end I believe the Eagles will stand tall and take the win.

The Eagles take on the Bulls Saturday inside Rynearson Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 1 p.m.