At noon on Nov. 5 the Eastern Michigan Eagles football team will take on Ball State Cardinals.

What an exciting game it will be too — both teams having the same amount of wins racked up, with five each. The only difference is the Cardinals have four loses and the Eagles have three. You can definitely bet the game will be a close one.

The Eagles have been undefeated at home and the Cardinals, unfortunately, have not been doing so well at away games. Let’s hope the Eagles can hold onto the glory of winning all of their home games.

With the teams being so evenly matched, the Eagles will have to try their hardest to take a win over the Cardinals. The score will not be that far apart and the intensity on the field will be quite high.

Though I am fairly certain the Eagles can pull off a win, they will have to play with the same passion that was witnessed when they took on Western Michigan University. The Cardinals should play using their smarts and physical strength in order to be able to beat the Eagles. I predict the final score of this game to be 14-10, with the Eagles coming out on top.