Here’s a press release from the EMU-AAUP:

The Eastern Michigan AAUP strongly supports the faculty at Oakland University as they hope to achieve a fair contract.

The Oakland University AAUP fully understands that even though the State of Michigan is struggling economically, Oakland University is in extremely strong financial position. Rudy Fichtenbaum, the treasurer of the Collective Bargaining Congress (CBC) of the National AAUP, and Howard Bunsis, chair of the CBC, made a presentation to Oakland faculty and students this week concerning the financial situation of Oakland, which clearly demonstrated that Oakland is thriving in the current economic environment.

Susan Moeller, president of the EMU-AAUP, attended a rally for Oakland faculty this week, and she stated that “If Michigan plans to evolve from a manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy, we need support to higher education by paying our university professors competitive salaries and benefits.”

In case you missed it, check out the latest story at the freep.

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