I’m not sure this means anything at all:

Less than 24 hours after approving a higher education budget that would eliminate the Michigan Promise scholarship program, a state House committee this morning voted to spend $120 million to restore it.

The move is contingent, however, on approval of another as yet unidentified tax hike, said Appropriations Committee Chairman George Cushingberry, D-Detroit.

None of the ten Republicans on the panel voted for the measure, citing the “unidentified tax hike.” Which makes sense.

Later in the Freep’s story, Cushingberry mentions the possibility of an excise tax on pop and bottled water. The paragraph right before, however, basically says no one else in the committee has any clue what’s being proposed.

Anyway, say the Democrats in the House agree on a tax. And say it goes to the House floor and passes. What happens in the Senate?

Also, EMU senior Antonio Cosme made it on the front page of the Free Press today with a story headlined ‘College students, schools hardest hit by budget plan.’