The Eastern Michigan University Police Department has asked students and neighborhood residents to take necessary precautions to guard themselves against burglaries.

The notice was sent out by the department following an increase in residential burglaries in areas located around EMU’s campus.

Burglaries have been reported on several streets near campus, including Emmet,North Adams, and two on Cross St.

EMU and Ypsilanti police are working together to investigate the recent increase in crimes.

The EMU crime response unit is also working with Ypsilanti police department detectives on follow- up investigations.

The EMU police department has advised students to take the following precautions:

•Secure your residence and yard area. In one of the burglaries a ladder in the yard was used to gain entry through an unlocked second story window.

• Lock all of your doors and windows. Also check to make sure the locks are functioning properly.

• Leave interior and exterior lights on.

• Keep shrubbery trimmed around your home to increase visibility.