A fight that started in the Eastern Eateries (after aggressors were escorted outside) and ended in Putnam Resident Hall is under investigation.

Shortly after 1 p.m. Monday, EMU’s Department of Public Safety received calls regarding a fight. Within minutes, officers arrived to Putnam and managed to arrest three of the men (ranging in ages 17-19) involved. DPS is reviewing security cameras to identify the remaining suspects.

Those who were arrested are not EMU students or Ypsilanti residents; they entered campus to visit friends living in the dorms. They claim to be unaware of the reason behind the brutality; the unidentified attackers, who may or may not be EMU students, initiated the fighting.

One of the arrested males suffered from a small cut on the hand. All three are banned from campus for 1 year. The university did not press charges.

However, Interim Police Chief Robert Heighes stated that if the men do enter campus within a year, they will be arrested for trespassing.