I was walking toward Pray-Harrold Sunday when I noticed something that struck a nerve. The wall outside Pray-Harrold that once displayed the spray-painted opinions of students and Ypsilanti residents had been painted over.


Certainly, the painting was done to beautify our campus, as was the reason for it being painted earlier this year.

But my question is, what exactly was so wrong with having a place for students to express their voice?

Isn’t our right to share our thoughts what makes this country what it is?

Nothing on the “graffiti wall” was particularly slanderous or negative. In fact, I remember specifically being encouraged to “eat more fiber” and “smile more.” Even a very memorable quote from “Forrest Gump” graced the wall.

So what exactly is the point of all this?

I want to encourage everyone to get out and share their opinions this semester. Whether it’s in print in the Eastern Echo, in a personal blog or simply through speech, don’t be ashamed to have an opinion.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.