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Women to be allowed to serve in combat

I have to wonder if Defense Secretary Leon Panetta read Echo opinions columnist Chris Hoitash’s recent column about women serving on the frontlines, because according to the Associated Press, the Pentagon is expected to announce tomorrow that female soldiers will be allowed to fight in combat. The women who risk their lives for the United States will finally have the chance to rise to the same ranks their male counterparts currently enjoy.

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President Obama crowned food stamp king; new ‘welfare queen’?

According to former Republican House Speaker and current presidential candidate Newt Gingrich President Obama is the food stamp king. During a Republican presidential debate Monday, the same day the country celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, Gingrich said “More people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than by any president in American history,” in response to a moderator questioning his statements that Obama is the “the food stamp president.”

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It's not students' money?

Recently we learned Physical Plant Chief of Operations John Donegan purchased an antique phone booth for $2,000. I’ve seen some argue that haters and complainers should get over it, that students don’t have a role in what or how the University’s money is spent.

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Republicans raising taxes - again

Does anyone else hear the Republicans’ silence on Governor Snyder’s plan to drastically raise taxes? Earlier this week, the Governor proposed a plan to raise vehicle registration fees by $120 a year. That’s $120 in addition to whatever drivers paid last year when renewing registration.

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Drivers need relief

Soon the Michigan Legislature will begin debating making changes to the state’s auto insurance laws. At issue is the amount of Personal Injury Protection or PIP coverage the state requires motorists to purchase. Currently that number is infinite. Michigan is the only state in the country that forces drivers to purchase unlimited medical coverage through auto insurance. This causes our premiums to cost more.

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