Republicans raising taxes - again


Does anyone else hear the Republicans’ silence on Governor Snyder’s plan to drastically raise taxes? Earlier this week, the Governor proposed a plan to raise vehicle registration fees by $120 a year. That’s $120 in addition to whatever drivers paid last year when renewing registration.

We should give his team credit for the way they announced it. After all, the ever-so-vigilant media ensured to follow the Governor’s lead and announce that fees were only going up $10 per month. Meh, what’s $10 more per month—until you realize instead of paying $65 for your renewal, it’s going to cost $185. That’s a big difference for common folk.

This raising taxes business is a reoccurring theme with these guys. After all, they are the party that howls for lower taxes every election, right?

However, earlier this year the Republican Legislature and the Governor, a Republican himself, raised taxes on income earners to a tune of about $1.5 billion. This was supposed to create jobs by shifting taxes away from businesses and dumping the load onto average employees. Did it work? No, or at least not yet.

According to the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, Michigan’s unemployment rate has increased about 1.2 percent since March, 2011. It seems like their plan has us heading in the wrong direction. And to top it off, they nearly eliminated the Earned Income Tax Credit, a credit geared to help working families.

But maybe that was the plan all along. Maybe Republicans’ campaign literature and policy rhetoric should include a disclaimer that they will only lower taxes on those making over a certain amount of income – like $500,000 per year – and all other working stiffs making less than that will pay for it.