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COLUMN: Assault should not be treated differently for athletes

This past week was an absolute nightmare for the National Football League and its commissioner Roger Goodell. It started Monday when a video surfaced of Ray Rice - who was indicted in March when he knocked out his wife Jenay, who was his fiancée at the time, in the elevator of a New Jersey hotel – physically knocking her out.

Tips for maintaining healthy skin

Many first year students’ skin takes a beating. Between long hours spent studying and pressure to meet deadlines, the stress they feel shows up not only in their constantly irritated demeanor, but also on their skin.

Dark circles under the eyes, tired complexions and pimples are less than ideal for anyone’s debut into college life.

Alumni art gallery in Ford shows talent

Eastern Michigan University’s art department is hosting the Alumni Art exhibition from Sept. 3 through Oct.

Catfish and the Bottlemen impress

Catfish and the Bottlemen have released an unbelievable debut album. The mature feeling the band exudes is far beyond their years and impresses without a doubt.

Recipes for quick, healthy eating

As we all know, being a college student isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. Between juggling hectic work and school schedules while fitting in time for extra activities, eating healthy may be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

It may be easier to eat at the café or grab fast food in between classes, but in all the rushing, many skip breakfast or lunch, which leaves them hungrier and craving junk food. Many people think “time consuming” when they hear the words “healthy cooking,” but that’s just not true.

NFL round-up for Week 2

National Football League Round-up, Week 2

Detroit Lions:

After a very impressive start to the season with a 35-14 victory over the New York

DIY street fair shows off local talent

A DIY Street fair took place in Ferndale last weekend. The festival was an art and vendor event that catered to the local creative talents, allowing them to sell and exhibit their work.

The event had many items to offer including jewelry, sculptures and clothing.

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