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The Struts (Artist Review)

(09/04/18 4:00am)

Drums to hold the beat, bass to create the rhythm, guitar to make you bob your head, the occasional piano and strings to compliment the singer, and the voice that becomes the center of attention as soon as it's introduced. Between Luke's tongue roles and Adam's glissandos, The Struts have found a way to mesh the sound of English rock bands from the past with a unique ego that only The Struts can pull off.

Alexander Music Building to be renovated this summer

(03/30/16 3:18am)

The Business and Finance Committee passed a business resolution 4-0-0 to fund renovations to Alexander Music Building at its regular meeting Tuesday night, March 29, in the Student Center. Student Government will revise the FY16 budget to allocate $30,000 to renovate the building this summer. The Senate will review the resolution at 6:30 p.m., April 5, in Student Center Room 300.

Accidentally Hip to perform Valentine's Day concert this Sunday

(02/10/16 2:12pm)

Valentine’s Day can be a strange holiday to celebrate. Even if you’ve got a significant other, there are mostly only cliché options to choose from if you’re planning a night out: go see a romantic movie, find a romantic setting for dinner, etc. Those might do the trick for a new relationship, but if you do that kind of thing too many years in a row it can get predictable and maybe even boring.