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EMU Theatre displays imagination and skill in 'Lily Plants A Garden'

(03/13/16 12:24pm)

 Bombs explode and sirens blare as a young girl runs into an abandoned house to take shelter away from the war-torn world around her. Alone and scared, the girl named Young Girl, finds a doll amongst the objects left behind. With the appearance of the doll, the magical story of Lily Plants a Garden comes to life.

Purple Rose Theatre debuts 'The Odd Couple'

(02/03/16 2:37pm)

They say that comedy is harder to do than tragedy. Before last Friday night, I didn’t fully believe that, because when I’ve acted, I’ve found tragic or dramatic scenes to be more demanding. But, watching the Purple Rose Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” on opening night, I understood; comedy is harder to do because it’s harder to make it look easy.