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Low voter turnout boosts Republicans

(11/07/10 7:00pm)

Two weeks ago, in a piece penned on Virg Bernero’s visit to the campus, I made the point any Republican gains in the mid-term election would be seized upon by the Obama administration as “political cover for its continual lurch to the right.” Moreover, I speculated the media would “inevitably chime in (saying) the American people have rejected the ‘left-wing’ and even ‘socialist’ policies pursued by the Obama administration.” Since the elections, this perspective has been confirmed.

Black charges challenged by hindsight and courts

(11/14/10 4:53pm)

The hardest part of writing about the innocence of Conrad Black, the Canadian-born member of the House of Lords and former newspaper mogul, is trying to figure out what he is supposed to be guilty of. As a would-be defender of Black, I feel this gap in knowledge would hurt my case if not for the fortunate surprise, It appears, the prosecution has no advantage over me in this regard.

Capitalism fails to promote access to culture

(11/14/10 4:57pm)

An essential component to any healthy society is the level of culture enjoyed by its population. In a modern, complex society such as ours, access to culture becomes a basic requirement for a comfortable, productive and meaningful existence. By this virtue, the access to culture is a social right of the population which is inalienable – it cannot be taken away, nor can it be ceded by those who possess it.