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Be more creative when approaching assignments

(01/28/15 4:20pm)

While some aspects of our lives encourage us to cultivate the creative mind, the academic sphere is generally not one of them. We inhale information just to regurgitate it on a test later. We write essay after essay in a structured format to get them over and done with until all the passive voice builds up and every paper starts to sound the same. While some projects and presentations open doors to more colorful thought, we may not realize that it is just as boring and painful for professors to read our papers as it is boring and painful for us to write them.

The problem with 'race-bending' in entertainment

(01/28/15 4:19pm)

Othello -- the Moorish-descended lead from Shakespeare's play by the same name -- being portrayed by a white man is not quite the same thing as Othello being portrayed as a white man. To invoke examples of first -- erstwhile convulsing with moral paroxysms of indignation -- in order to criticize examples of the second is to confuse two very different phenomena.

Beauty without divinity

(01/28/15 4:19pm)

I understand the desire to believe in a higher power. I understand the need to know that there is an ever compassionate, wise and powerful being out there looking over me. The desire to know that once I have moved on from this existence I will be greeted in another more perfect one, surrounded by people I know and love. In this new world there is no pain, no conflict, no hunger – just pure love and peace.

Public Internet needs to be provided

(01/25/15 5:53pm)

The Internet is becoming an increasingly essential part of our society. People simply cannot thrive in our modern world without having access to a quality Internet connection. In the U.S. however, quality Internet is becoming difficult to come by. Only a small number of aloof corporations offer broadband service and the services they provide are proven to be growing in price and declining in quality.

Are college students overworking themselves?

(01/23/15 6:49pm)

I think it’s safe to say that the U.S. is a country of workaholics. To be lounging around in the summer months in high school is deemed laziness. College has turned into an assumed pre-requisite for employment instead of learning for learning’s sake and the second thing your uncle asks you about at Christmas dinner after your grades is where you’re working.

More voices

(01/22/15 12:10am)

I remember when computers had black backgrounds and orange blocky font. Movie trailers used to say “Coming soon to video!” Now they say “Coming soon to BluRay and One Demand!” I suspect “Now with WiFi” will soon read like “Now in Technicolor!”

Examining a new generation of racism

(01/18/15 5:19pm)

In the wake of revelations about Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise’s 2002 speech to the “European-American Unity and Rights Organization,” LA Times contributor Michael McGough tackled not the organization of obvious ill repute, but the theory behind ethnic and racial groups. Unfortunately, many of McGough’s criticisms threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Don't tax our broadband

(01/18/15 4:33pm)

The Federal Communications Commission didn’t start its regulatory hassling when it took on Eminem’s lyrics in 2002. In fact, this government agency has been trying to censor and regulate our communications technology since the 1930s. Now, President Obama is pushing for it to be almost completely under its control by reclassifying broadband as a taxable public utility.

Papel de Familia

(01/14/15 5:08pm)

As you’re probably aware, many family-orientated holidays have just passed. During the holidays, at least here in the U.S., there is an overwhelming emphasis on families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but how exactly is a family defined? What is the difference between a friendship and a family?

Refugees, not illegal aliens

(01/14/15 9:24pm)

Over the past decade, the topic of securing our borders has come up time and time again and it always ends up the same way: politicians and pundits screaming over illegal aliens stealing our jobs and bringing drugs and violence with them over the border. Of course they’re going to gripe about how these illegals are a threat to our livelihood here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and that we ought to seal them off so that we may continue our wondrous pursuit of the American Dream. How patriotic these men and women are to defend our homeland, which was violently stolen from the Native Americans, with their strong stand against invaders from the South!