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Student Center Holds Panel: Ending Abortion Stigma Through Conversation

(11/11/17 10:52pm)

The Student Center held a panel titled Ending the Stigma of Abortion Through Conversation, Friday the 10th from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. All three of the women spoke from their own personal experiences with abortion. For the sake of their security they will all remain anonymous for this article. The only information disclosed was the ages they all are now and the ages they all were at the times they had their procedures.

Coming to the Faith: A Baptist's Journey

(11/17/17 11:47am)

I sat down to chat with a student, Abigail Snyder, who had previously mentioned she considers herself a “big C” Christian, “little b” Baptist. I was interested in speaking with Abigail because I would like to hear about the Baptist perspective from a practicing, well-informed believer. Abigail attends Bible study weekly at the Eastern Student Center, while balancing her school work at Eastern Michigan and attends church every Sunday. 

Top Five Crafted Gifts to Keep the Ones You Love Warm this Winter

(11/19/17 5:30pm)

Grab your yarn and knitting needles or crochet hook! With winter quickly approaching these fab five knitted or crochet gifts are perfect for this holiday season. With numerous free patterns on the internet these gifts will make perfect staples for your friends’ and families’ winter wardrobes. Whether you are just learning or an advanced learner there is something here for you to keep the ones you love warm this winter.

The 2017 Winter Commencement

(12/30/17 10:55am)

On December 16, over 1,700 Eastern Students celebrated the culmination of years of hard work with their friends, family and EMU faculty at the Convocation Center. In President Smith’s speech and letter in the Commencement program he commented “that no one reaches this milestone [graduation] alone,” and offered thanks to those who helped the graduates get to Commencement. 

EMU Lecturers and Faculty Ad Campaign Against Academic Partnerships

(12/30/17 11:33am)

Ypsilanti, Michigan--Faculty and lecturers at Eastern Michigan University have come forward with plans for an advertisement campaign and actions targeting an outside education firm, Academic Partnerships (AP), from Texas. The purpose of the campaign, spearheaded by union leaders, is to fight against the University’s decision to partner in a 5-year agreement with AP and begin offering fully online Bachelor’s Degree programs through the firm.

Eagle on the Street

(02/04/15 12:00am)

“I mostly did homework, really. I hung out with some of my friends for a little bit, but for the most part I just did homework and knocked some stuff out. I still had stuff due the next day.”Walter Davis, communications, junior

Eagle on the Street

(02/03/15 11:57pm)

“I drove from my house at about three and unloaded my car for an hour. Then I watched hours of TV until my Internet went out, so I didn’t really do any homework. I saw my boyfriend and then I went to bed.”Brianna Montgomery, double psychology/communications, junior

Eagle on the Street

(02/11/15 9:27am)

“Me and my lovely lady here, we are Christians and we don’t really feel the need to celebrate a certain kind of holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, because it’s so cliché. Every day we celebrate our love together.”Marcus Bradford, criminal justice, sophomore and Shanell Leonard, athletic training, junior

Eagle on the Street

(02/11/15 9:23am)

“It will be my first Valentine’s with her. We’re not really doing anything because I’ll be in Grand Rapids and she’ll be here. So, we’re not going to be together on Valentine’s Day. I would love to be. I mean we’re for it. It’s a positive idea and nothing to really look down on. At the same time, everyday should be like Valentine’s.”Christopher Osorio-Torres, business management, sophomore and Sara Korb, psychology, freshman