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Spring 2016 fashion trends

(03/09/16 9:23am)

The snow is melting, the weather is warming up and the semester is reaching its final stretch. With spring finally approaching us, that means we have new spring fashion trends to look forward too.Here are some styling tips and items that you can expect to see in upcoming months and hopefully even try some out yourself.Cold Shoulders: According to, many designers have been creating tops with cutouts meant to highlight just the shoulders.

EMU professor, students decorate lobby for 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival

(03/16/16 9:59am)

Chris Reilly, the Foundations professor at Eastern Michigan University’s Art and Design Department, and his Intro to Two-Base Media class were in for a challenging and fun experience as they were asked to decorate the lobby for the 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival in the Michigan Theater.Every year, EMU’s Art Department and CMTA Department work in collaboration with the Ann Arbor Film Festival to have someone from the festival visit EMU.

First comes college, then comes career?

(03/20/16 8:46am)

First comes college, then comes career? Well that is the hope for almost every college student. Whether it takes four years, more than four or (if you’re lucky) it takes less than four, either way college is a demanding process, and no student will say it didn’t take some overcoming.Along the way it is easy to forget about the end goal or forget about what is going to happen after you finish, but as you creep up on the finish line those thoughts come rushing to the front of your head.

SisterHOOD hosts Black Women Leadership Symposium

(03/27/16 8:41am)

Eastern Michigan University’s retention and degree program, SisterHOOD (Helping Others Obtain Degrees) hosted a panel of four influential women of color who talked leadership strategies and solidarity to a room of about 30 women of color, Thursday night in McKenny Hall.The event, Black Women Leadership Symposium, was created by SisterHOOD for students to engage in dialogue with other women about their leadership philosophy and acknowledge they can be a leader without a title.“We created this symposium after trying to find a similar conference in the area, and in Michigan,” said higher education and student affairs graduate and intern for SisterHood, Tonal Simmons.

Movie Review: Batman v Superman

(03/27/16 9:04am)

Three years ago, a rumor started swirling around the fan boys and girls and social media spaces that at some point in the near future two of the worlds most iconic comic book characters would be coming to the big screen in a battle that had never been seen before.Three years of shocks, awes, casting, backlash, pre-production, re-writes, re-shoots and release dates later, Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers follow up to Man of Steel (2013) with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Yes, for the first time ever Batman and Superman go head to head in a climactic battle that is supposed to shake up super hero movies and fans and haters forever.