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Staff Editorial: Decision to support the EAA is not TRUEMU

(12/10/14 10:10pm)

The Eastern Echo Editorial Board has stayed away from staff editorials recently, focusing instead on hard news and objective journalism. With popular blogs like and, there did not seem to be a need for another opinion column on events happening around EMU. After Friday’s Board of Regents meeting, where the Board voted to extend Eastern’s involvement in the EAA, we at The Echo could stay silent no longer.

Knitting and stress

(12/04/14 12:33am)

Stress is most likely the most common word spoken on a college campus. It follows us around like Eeyore’s little raincloud as we try to eat, sleep, and Netflix it away. While it may seem easiest to zone out and scroll through Tumblr for hours as a break from studying or writing a massive paper, sometimes the best thing is to lightly exercise your brain in a way that keeps it awake and yet doesn’t exhaust it further. One way to do this is by working with your hands. If doing a load of dishes or scrubbing down the bathroom isn’t your coping mechanism, one beneficial and creative way I’ve found to use your hands is needlework.

U.S. media and the Middle East

(12/04/14 12:31am)

For years, United States officials and the corporate media have sought to create a conflict of interest with Iran by means of misinformation and fear-mongering. The largest of these attempts in recent years has been the claim that Iran has nuclear weapons technology and, because of this, presents a danger to the United States and its citizens. Due to the perpetuation of this fallacy by the media, the American populace is enthralled with the possibility of an Iranian threat and potential war.

Should EMU drop athletics?

(12/03/14 4:12am)

Should universities like EMU, who will likely never have a profitable athletic department, be pioneers in higher education by distancing themselves from the current collegiate athletic model? Do people come to EMU because they identify with their football team, or because they are looking for a quality education at an affordable price?

A Thanksgiving in retail

(11/23/14 5:20pm)

Thanksgiving is the holiday for family. Unlike every other holiday we celebrate, Thanksgiving is the only one we dedicate to coming together with our families, both extended and immediate, in order to enjoy each other’s company, eat an excessive amount of food and bond over how thankful we all are to be together. That is, unless you work in retail.

EMU graduate Joseph Sobran's thoughts on agnosticism

(11/23/14 5:19pm)

Ypsilanti-born journalist Joseph Sobran, who received his B.A. in English from Eastern Michigan University, went on to become a specialist in Shakespearean studies. In 1997, Sobran wrote his best-known work “Alias Shakespeare” in which he argued that the man known as Shakespeare was not the actual Shakespeare. Of the just-passed Sir John Gielgud, Shakespearian actor extraordinaire, Sobran wrote: “In their later years, Gielgud and Laurence Olivier reached the conclusion that the real author of Shakespeare's plays was Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford - a view shared by Sir Derek Jacobi, now the finest surviving Shakespearean actor.”

Examining agnosticism

(11/23/14 5:14pm)

If one was unsure whether fall or winter was the more beautiful season or whether Chopin or Mozart was the more masterful composer, the disagreement which would ensue would be purely academic. From it, no practical reverberation would echo. But if one was unsure of whether God existed, the debate would have very real consequences, as the matter at hand would not be music or aesthetics but the foundation on which the lives of billions rest. But in my own thoroughly secular civilization, it is the other way around; religious agnosticism is one of the last acceptable forms of agnosticism.

What do we have to be thankful for?

(11/19/14 7:36pm)

Growing up, my parents were very instrumental in making sure that Thanksgiving was a day on which we made time to pause and think about the past year and all the things we were thankful for. We were each given a large sheet of poster paper and the crayon box because instead of writing everything down, we had to draw it. These annual pieces of art turned into one of my most cherished family traditions, but they only covered the here-and-now aspect of the holiday. The history was an afterthought.

Smell the roses

(11/16/14 9:13pm)

When I first joined the workforce in the late sixties, a popular expression was “don’t work so hard -- take time to smell the roses.” The implication was that we’re in this life to enjoy ourselves and the world around us, not just to work and “get ahead.” Balance was a watchword.

Democrats lack a defining message

(11/12/14 6:52pm)

Elections were last week and many predictions over their outcome came true. The Democrats lost seven contested Senate races against Republican challengers and incumbents, which cost the Democrats control of the Senate. Republicans were able to win back seats the Democrats had won in 2008 when the Democrats were swept into office. The Republican victory can be explained by a number of things, ranging from low voter turnout, to low presidential approval ratings, to fear over Ebola and ISIS.