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Educators carry key to our future

(03/09/11 7:46pm)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is reversing a century of employment reform to reduce the state’s debt. As a result, Wisconsin has turned into a ‘Nam protest’. Actually bigger, according to crowd estimates mentioned in The Christian Science Monitor. New is news. Gov. Walker hasn’t hired Pinkerton goons to strong arm the unions yet, but probably just because he doesn’t want to escalate matters. For those not in the know, a Pinkerton is the protagonist of “Bioshock: Infinite.”

GOP budget cuts help no one

(03/13/11 3:11pm)

Among all the chaos of recent headlines, the one that may most critically and directly affect me personally seems to me, the most ridiculous. You might have heard of the Republican attack on Planned Parenthood and other provisions that kill essential health programs. Perhaps not so widely covered was the U.S. helicopter that gunned down nine young boys in Afghanistan or the increasingly despicable treatment of Bradley Manning.

Don't permit Bayh to confuse 'centrist' and 'corporatist' labels

(03/23/11 7:47pm)

I loathe Evan Bayh, the former senator from Indiana, and either for reasons of catharsis or clarity, I thought it necessary to dedicate an entire column to my dislike of the “Democrat.” A few weeks ago, I read Bayh was signing on to be a contributor for Fox News, and without shock but much chagrin, I thought this is exactly the conundrum “centrists” pose for the Democratic Party.