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Matt on Music: End of summer music guide, part 2

(08/29/13 8:04pm)

Because of less time, part two of my Summer Music Guide has fewer albums. In part one, I reviewed 25 albums. This time, I’ve shortened that number down to 10. I’ve also focused more on albums I actually enjoy, with eight of the albums gaining a B PLUS or higher. Still, I think I made up for the lack of pans with a review of my absolute least favorite album of the year, The Haxan Cloak’s “Excavation.”

Matt on More Music: Kimya Dawson

(05/21/13 9:08pm)

Kimya Dawson gained mainstream attention when many of her songs appeared in the 2007 film “Juno.” Still, she had a following in the indie scene years before that. She is known for her soft, friendly voice and lyrics that use heavy wordplay and humor. When Ke$ha sang, “We make the hipsters fall in love,” I like to think she was actually singing from Dawson’s point-of-view.

Grand Rapids band creates unique sound

(05/06/13 10:00pm)

“Everything from Bach to rock,” is cited as an influence on Grand Rapids band The Outer Vibe’s Facebook page. Consisting of Eastern Michigan Universitry alum Nick Hosford on lead guitar, Sean Zee on vocals, Lisa Kacos on the trumpet and keys, Andrew “Wonder” Dornoff on bass and Jeff Brems on drums, The Outer Vibe is pairing pop and rock like it’s never been done before.

Matt on Music: Brad Paisley

(04/22/13 2:28am)

Here is the new format for Matt on Music. Rather than just reviewing one new album, I’ll review several older albums with a connection to a new release and then finish with a review of said new release. This may manifest itself in partial discography reviews, or just a series of reviews of albums in similar genres. (My reviews already feature so much exposition, so I might as well use it to comment on more than one album.)