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Matt on Music: They Might Be Giants' 'Nanobots'

(04/14/13 8:51pm)

Mainly based around John Flansburgh and John Linnell, alternative rock band They Might Be Giants first formed in 1982. They became popular on college stations and over time became one of the few college rock bands to become a household name along with R.E.M. and The Smiths. Since releasing their debut album in 1986, they’ve never gone more than three years without releasing an LP.

Matt on Music: Brad Paisley

(04/21/13 10:28pm)

Here is the new format for Matt on Music. Rather than just reviewing one new album, I’ll review several older albums with a connection to a new release and then finish with a review of said new release. This may manifest itself in partial discography reviews, or just a series of reviews of albums in similar genres. (My reviews already feature so much exposition, so I might as well use it to comment on more than one album.)

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Matt on Music: The Uncluded *Concert Review*

(06/10/13 4:26pm)

Comprised of anti-folk singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson and indie rapper Aesop Rock, The Uncluded have been my favorite new band of 2013 since I first heard their album, “Hokey Fright.” So when I heard they were performing in Detroit on June 5, I had to go. While driving to and from the show, I listened to the album a total of three times.