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Platforms fall flat, promises unrealistic

(03/26/12 12:05am)

The Eastern Echo has decided not to endorse any candidate in this year’s Student Government Presidential election. The three candidates running are Matthew Norfleet, Josh Lowe and David Yanagi. Based on their platforms and what they are promising, they either do not fully recognize the limits of the position they’re running for, or they are pandering to the Student Body and making promises they cannot keep.

Michigan must stay tough to protect workers

(03/22/12 12:43am)

Imagine living inside a factory with tiny dormitories that fit six or more, forced to return to the assembly line at any moment to fill an order. Shifts can last more than 12 hours, with two breaks that last an hour each. And the pay isn’t all that much – $2 an hour. If you’re lucky, you’ll make $17 a month. Monotonously, you assemble thousands of iPads and televisions. _ The New York Times_ raised a lot of Americans’ ire when it ran its iEconomy series that described the horrid conditions of Foxconn Technology’s factories in China. Foxconn Technology, a supplier for many companies, assembles products for Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Nintendo, Vizio, etc.

Point/counterpoint: Limbaugh 'slut' scandal - Leniency = misogyny?

(03/11/12 11:23pm)

A few years ago, radio personality Don Imus lit a firestorm of controversy after making several derogatory statements about the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team – calling them, “nappy-headed hoes.” Soon after the backlash, sponsors pulled their backing, and Imus was fired. History, as the cliché goes, has a way of repeating itself.

Point/counterpoint: Limbaugh 'slut' scandal - Debate hijacked by the Left

(03/11/12 11:22pm)

By the time you read this, the Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke controversy will be 13 days old. That’s 13 days too long. It is important to know at the outset that Limbaugh’s comments about Ms. Fluke were rude, impolite and indelicate. He referred to her as a slut and prostitute and suggested she post videos of herself having sex online.

Professor partisan beliefs shared too often in class

(03/08/12 12:31am)

I regularly walk through the hallways of faculty offices and can’t help but stop to read all of the comics, notes, flyers and assorted materials taped to the doors. There’s an obvious political and partisan trend to these materials, save the offices of the Physics department, which have silly and hilarious comics and bumper stickers like Beware Quantum Ducks “Quark! Quark! Quark!”

Linsanity erupts

(03/04/12 10:09pm)

Sports, for many people, are life. They are also an interesting microcosm of a larger American society: from Jackie Robinson’s breaking down baseball’s racial barriers to Muhammed Ali’s divisive tirades against American militarism (as particularly exemplified in Vietnam). Fast-forward to 2012 and we have a new focal point for conversation: Linsanity.