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Hip-hop moved north

(10/09/13 6:33pm)

When the culture of hip-hop music was birthed 35 years ago, many individuals had mixed emotions about this new trend. Let’s be honest – the DJs plugging their Technic 1200s and their mixers into the lamp post for power was incepted just to become a hobby. It was meant to diverge from the harsh realities of urban decay that were impossible to ignore in New York City in the late 1970s.

Writer examines top 10 Halloween hip-hop songs

(10/30/13 7:51pm)

I love Halloween. Not so much for the costumes, but for the candy, the Devil’s Night pranks and in anticipation of what the girls’ costumes will look like. Who doesn’t love curling up with some apple cider with a splash of vodka, and watching “Friday the 13th”? The energy is really dope though and it has me thinking of some great horror themed hip-hip songs. So here we go, without further ado, my top 10 hip-hop songs for Halloween.

Matt On Music: Burial

(12/18/13 6:24pm)

Releasing an album in December nowadays almost guarantees an artist from being excluded from year-end lists, since the majority of publications publish their lists at the beginning of the month. This year was especially hectic, with several notable albums coming out during the final month of the year, hopefully making publications question the logic of revealing their lists so early.