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Joining student organizations helps to engage, make new friends

(09/12/15 1:19pm)

Student organizations seem to be everywhere. Eastern Michigan University has a very diverse range of student organizations and a large portion of students involved in them.Henry Hakamäki, a junior in the pre-med program at EMU, is heavily involved in student organizations and his experience shows how Eastern offers an array of options for students to get involved.“I’m in about a dozen organizations spanning everything from academic, such as the Biological Honor Society (which I am president of), to cultural clubs such as the Middle Eastern Association,” said Hakamäki.Some students choose to become involved in a select few organizations and develop a passion for their orgs.

Freshmen reflect on their first week at EMU

(09/16/15 2:44am)

Being a freshman in college could be best described as awkward. You’re not at home anymore. Your mommy isn’t going to wake you up for class when you overslept.“It’s completely different from high school,” said Kerri Revels, freshman biology major at Eastern Michigan University.It’s a whole different ballpark for all of the freshmen and new students.

Welcome Back BBQueer displays sense of community, support

(09/18/15 10:22pm)

It was hard to miss the rainbow flag flying high and proud above Big Bob’s Lake House on Wednesday, September 9, which marked the Welcome Back BBQueer hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center at Eastern Michigan University.In addition to the large turnout of LGBT community members and supporters who attended the event, were Lou Gianino, Director of Operations at the Rec IM and EMU’s Interim President, Kim Schatzel.

Tis the season to be cuffed

(09/20/15 5:12am)

According to Urban Dictionary, “cuffing season” is during the fall and winter months and it’s when people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves desiring to be “cuffed” or “tied down” by a serious relationship.Depression caused by the oncoming cold weather and an increase in indoor activities can cause this desire to change your relationship status on Facebook from “single” to “in a relationship.”The Huffington Post stated that these relationships typically only last for a couple months --- until the weather gets warmer -- and are not as “serious” as one may hope.

Ford Gallery exhibit brings together art from all over the region

(09/23/15 7:54am)

The recent exhibit in the Ford Gallery, Emergence – ’15, brought together graduate art students from all over Michigan to display their artwork here to Eastern Michigan University.Many students found the exhibit to be exceptionally beautiful.Lauren Mleczko, a Fine Arts major at EMU, said “the art is very contemporary and deals with art topics that young people find amusing, the artists mostly use traditional techniques.”The gallery had artwork such as beaded rugs and studded rocks, which gave the gallery a different feel to the artwork.