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The freshman experience: A muddle to find balance

(09/11/17 5:16pm)

As a freshman in college, you’ve already been told many different ideas of what it’s supposed to be like. I remember my parents, high school teachers and the average T-rated teen movies giving me all sorts of ideas. Many mild-mannered adults will tell you college is the time to focus entirely on education, to engage in numerous courses and soak up all that sweet, sweet knowledge with your endless supply of ramen noodles.

8 things I wish I knew my freshman year

(09/11/17 5:15pm)

Freshman year of college is full of first-time experiences. The newfound freedom, the large size of campus and amount of students and opportunities to re-invent yourself are some of the basic changes you will experience. The purpose of this article, however, is to look at some things you might not have thought of. If you keep these eight things in mind, you will have a much better freshman year than most of your peers.