2/28/2016, 7:16am

Deadpool knocks it dead

From comic to screen, Deadpool from 20th Century Fox flies, slices and dices and rocks its slapstick humor to the big screen this year. And boy was it a laugh out loud riot.

2/28/2016, 7:05am

Two books to help crunch time managment

Good news –Two Months to go. Bad news – Only two months to get it done. Time management, a concept preached about by work managers, coaches and your emotional aunts during your high school graduation party, has grown into a big money business with lots of products like trendy planners, blogs and books written to turn your “struggle time” into “clobbering time.” Time management isn’t just about watching deadlines; it’s about planning goals and breaking each goal down into smaller achievable steps.

2/28/2016, 6:43am

EMU's Women's Resource Center performs 15th annual Vagina Monologues

Painted portraits of vaginas hung behind the dancer, Colleen Murphy, as she graced the stage with flexibility and beauty in which silenced the audience in the Student Center Auditorium earlier this month. Presented by Eastern Michigan University’s Women’s Resource Center, Murphy’s dance performance was the opening number in the 15th annual production of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues.

2/17/2016, 8:03am

Disney Artist to give presentation on 'Zootopia'

The art director of environments for Disney will be visiting Eastern Michigan University on Friday in the Roosevelt Hall Auditorium to give a special behind the scenes presentation for the upcoming release of the animated film, “Zootopia”. Scheduled to be released to the public on March 4, “Zootopia” takes place in the mammal metropolis, Zootopia.

2/14/2016, 9:09am

Q&A with Leslie Raymond, Ann Arbor Film Festival Executive Director

During their membership meeting on Feb. 4 Eastern Michigan University’s Arts and Entertainment Management organization, AMP!, was given the opportunity to see the past submitted films of the Ann Arbor Film Festival and meet the Executive Director, Leslie Raymond. Known as the longest independent experimental film festival in the nation, the Ann Arbor Film Festival this year has received more than 3000 submissions and will be playing 220 of those films on March 15-20 in the Michigan Theater. In her second year as the Executive Director, Raymond shared with AMP!

2/14/2016, 8:57am

People in black history you may not have heard of

Each year Eastern Michigan University celebrates Black History Month with a numerous events that focus on making students aware of the impact they have on the political and social issues in the community—and still we are oblivious to those who helped pave the way. In high school our history books only taught us so much.

2/10/2016, 9:20am

Steve Jobs film to play at Student Center this Friday

Opening this Friday in the Ballroom of the Student Center, the film Steve Jobs will be showing for students’ entertainment at 8:00 and 10:30 p.m. From Legendary Pictures, Steve Jobs is directed by Danny Boyle and stars Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet.

2/10/2016, 8:53am

Student stars in feature documentary

The beat of an African drum echoed across Eastern Michigan’s University Park. EMU senior and political science major, Darius Simpson, was sitting in the grass in front of the lake staring at what was in front of him with a drum positioned between his legs. He was beating on it with all that he was feeling.

2/10/2016, 8:08am

'Chesapeake' one-man show comes to The Yellow Barn

One-person plays are rare and not many have received wide circulation or much acclaim. This may be due to one thing: no matter how good a play is, it will succeed or fail depending on the actors in it, and obviously, with a one-person show, all the responsibility falls on a single actor. This can be a tremendous amount of pressure; learning an unusually large number of lines, being onstage non-stop for sometimes two hours or more and perhaps most importantly, having no other actor to interact with and be supported by.

2/7/2016, 12:47am

Encore Theatre presents 'Sondheim on Sondheim'

Stephen Sondheim is widely regarded as the grandfather of musical theatre. His career as a composer and lyricist has spanned nearly seven decades and his shows are some of the most beloved in the musical theatre repertoire: Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, A Little Night Music, Follies, Sunday in the Park with George and many more. But, among performers, his work is also known as some of the more difficult to perform and sing because of its unpredictability, density and complexity.

2/6/2016, 11:42pm

EMU Theatre to perform 'The Piano Lesson'

Eastern Michigan University’s Theatre Department will continue their 2015-2016 main stage season with a one-week only performance of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize- winning play, “The Piano Lesson” opening this Wednesday in the Sponberg Theatre. “The Piano Lesson” is the fourth play in Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, a collection of plays set in a different decade to reveal the African American experience in the 20th century. “The Piano Lesson” is a drama and comedy that takes place after the Great Depression in 1936 Pittsburg where a family heirloom, a piano with ornate carvings, becomes the center of an argument between siblings, Bernice and Boy Willie.

2/6/2016, 10:46pm

VISION's first 'Community Conversations' speaks on Food Justice

EMU’s VISION Volunteer Center hosted their first “Community Conversations” this past week. This is the first in a serious of events they are planning. This “Community Conversations” focused on Food Justice, with four guest panelists eager to discuss this pressing topic and two Vision coordinators Kayleigh Crummey and Becca Timmermans who were passionate about leading this first session. The panelist represented a variety of areas that deal with Food Justice on a daily basis.