2/27/2020, 11:55am


A hero's real identity is their most important kept secret, but in the heroine Devil Angel's case, only the family really knows.

2/23/2020, 1:03pm

Zeroes and Ones #6

The games have begun, but one of its contestants, Anna Quelm, proposes they use their newly gained powers to better the world instead of this game of life and death. But how will the other players take this proposition?

2/21/2020, 10:02pm


The fiery heroine Cherry never knew her biological parents and is actually adopted! Her parents are her best support in life and she couldn't be happier because of them.

2/18/2020, 2:15pm


Heroes enjoy Valentines Day, they want to take a break and share their time with their loved ones... But the villains of the world certainly didn't get that memo!

2/18/2020, 2:15pm

Darkest of Evil

Evil may be powerful but it will never beat the OP greatness that is love! Someone should probably nerf that...

2/18/2020, 2:15pm

Donut Dayz

Donuts go well with Valentines, unless you smell like them from work and really hate the smell... Happy Valentines!

2/18/2020, 2:11pm

Hijinx Detectives #15

Valentines Day is perfect for letting those secret admirers shine and the studious sleuths are on the case for them!

2/18/2020, 2:11pm

Plague H. Doctor

Happy Valentines Day! The great Plague Doctor hopes you enjoyed it with those you loved!

2/18/2020, 2:11pm

Jerald the Turtle

This new series is about a great turtle, Jerald! Welcome to his misfortunes of life, starting with trying to get some soup!

2/16/2020, 10:54am

Zeroes and Ones #5

Before the game for life and death begins, everyone is gonna get superpowers! Because what's the fun in fighting if it isn't flashy? Read on to see how the game will unfold!

2/15/2020, 3:21pm


The tech hero Grappler is really 20 years old! But not having powers does bring a toll to his body...

2/12/2020, 10:57am

Adventures of A.C. #16

A.C has begun his first power-leveled fight and it's going real bad, real quick! Could his first use of his new powers be his last?!

2/12/2020, 10:25am

Kids R' Us

The benefits of snow are snowball fights, but those snowballs are practically ice in reality!