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Students fight for food justice

Students on Eastern Michigan University’s campus are working to bring food justice to those in need.

Food justice is a term used to define and describe the work of eradicating food insecurity.

Fifth annual Clean Up Day sees turnout of over 700 recyclers

Stacks of trash were shuttled to Rynearson Stadium parking lot to be properly disposed of by the regional environmental recycling program presented by Washtenaw County on Saturday.

Celebrating the fifth annual Clean Up Day held at Eastern Michigan University, 700-900 recyclers showed up to safely discard their hazardous materials.

VISION holds challenge for student organizations

Haley Moraniec, coordinator for the Volunteer Challenge at the VISION Center, said that this is VISION’s first year doing “the challenge,” a program designed to familiarize students with social justice issues and get them involved with service projects.

“If all goes well, we plan to make it an annual challenge,” Moraniec said.

All student organizations were invited by Campus Life to participate.

Police Blotter, Oct. 16

Monday, Oct. 13

A female student reported that her ex-boyfriend was soliciting her for sexual acts in Walton Hall at 11:30 a.m.

News Briefs, Oct. 16

Rainbow Variety Show
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center is holding an event, in conjunction with OUTtober, called the Rainbow Variety Show.

NASO invades classrooms as part of protest

The Native American Student Organization celebrated Columbus Day by “invading” classrooms in Pray-Harrold and Porter Monday, in protest of the holiday.

“We wanted to make people aware of what Columbus Day was really celebrating,” said Rebecca Thomas, a senior Political Science major.