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Regents approve amended employment contract for Susan Martin

The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents approved an amended employment contract for President Emeritus Susan Martin today at a special meeting.

The amended contract allows Martin to interrupt her 12-month sabbatical and take an unpaid administrative leave.

EMU online nursing program ranks 49th in nation

Eastern Michigan University’s online bachelor of science in nursing completion program was ranked 49th on Value Colleges’ Top 50 Best Value Online RN to BSN Program for 2015.

EMU was the only school in Michigan recognized and one of four Mid-American schools.

COE downsizes as enrollment drops

Undergraduate enrollment in Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education has dropped 37 percent from Fall 2007 to Fall 2014.

Summer Science Research Lecture teaches students about neuroimaging techniques

Dr. Susan Bowyer, Senior Scientist of Neurology at Henry Ford Hospital, gave a lecture Tuesday on "neuroimaging techniques” as part of Eastern’s Summer Science Research Initiative.

Bowyer works with Magnetoencephalography (MEG). The machines are giant, magnetic medical scanners that work in tandem with MRI machines to noninvasively create an image of the brain.

Susan Martin hosts final Lunch by the Lake

Eastern Michigan University president Susan Martin hosted her last Lunch by the Lake Campus Picnic Wednesday afternoon on the Student Center Patio.

This year the picnic was themed “Out of the Park” in promotion of the TRUEMU Day at Comerica Park, July 22.

“[I]t’s great because it’s a chance to really say farewell to president Martin and thank her for everything she’s done here [at EMU] with a big celebration, which we needed,” Anjali Martin, student body vice-president, said.

Students protest EMU's tuition increase

Twelve Eastern Michigan University students walked from the Student Center to the House of the President in protest of the 7.8 percent tuition increase, noon, Thursday.

Native American community protests after Regents Board meeting

After the Regents Board meeting, the Native American community held a protest outside of Welch Hall.

Some held up signs saying “first nation, first people” while others gave speeches about why Eastern needs to change the way it handles race.

The protest was in response to President Susan Martin keeping the retired Huron emblem on the band uniforms and dismissing the incident that happened with the Native American students on April 11.

Christopher Sutton, senior, said, “When we found out the Huron logo had been came back and put on the band uniforms, it raised our concerns with Susan Martin and her response was, ‘You should be thankful for what you have.’”

The speakers wanted to taint the legacy President Martin is leaving behind.