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4/13/2020, 4:59pm

Eastern Michigan University instructor passes away due to complications from COVID-19

EMU Professor Marilyn Horace-Moore passes away from the COVID-19 virus. Horace-Moore’s roles at EMU included  lecturer I of courses in both criminology and sociology, internship coordinator as well as undergraduate criminology and criminal justice advisor for the criminology and criminal justice program. Horace-Moore was a veteran of the City of Ypsilanti Police Department. 

4/6/2020, 10:51am

Eastern Michigan University CAPS shifts to virtual appointments as IHA shifts operations to off campus locations, campus pharmacy changes hours

The university’s Campus Medical Pharmacy hours of operation, effective Monday, April 6. are now from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. on weekends. The IHA Health Center @ EMU has temporarily closed and moved its operations to its Towsley Park Primary Care location as well as its Arbor Park Primary Care location. IHA is asking any of its patients who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms to visit its COVID-19 resource page and to complete the free online COVID-19 screening. 

4/1/2020, 6:00am

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3/26/2020, 5:50pm

EMU Student Government 2020 elections postponed

The EMU Student Government 2020 election has been postponed until this September. The election was originally scheduled for March 25 and 26. Exact dates of the now September election will “be determined and announced in the near future” according to the Office of the President. 

3/21/2020, 5:41pm

EMU Student Body President & Vice Presidential candidates Jack Swartzinski and Allanah Morales hold "Digital Townhall"

Jack Swartzinski and Allanah Morales, candidates for Student Body President & Vice President held a “Digital Townhall” on Wednesday, March 18 to answer questions and speak about their campaign. To vote in the upcoming EMU student government, go to your MyEmich account on March 25 and 26 and click the link to the ballot at the top of “Campus Announcements.” 

3/20/2020, 11:50am

EMU to close all residence halls, students must move out by March 31

EMU announced on Thursday that effect March 31 at 5 p.m., all residence halls will close. International students, students who live far away, and others with special circumstances will continue to be exempt and can continue living on campus. These students may be asked to move to consolidate depending on occupancy.   

3/17/2020, 10:03pm

Ypsilanti City Council holds brief meeting to finish timely business

The mayor addressed the council regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, describing the situation as “unprecedented.” The mayor told members,“Whatever decisions we make, and whatever choices we make are all going to be with the health and the safety of our community at the heart of it all.” 

3/17/2020, 10:01pm

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority closes Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor terminals, cancels fare collection in light of coronavirus pandemic

Both the Ypsilanti Transit Center and the Blake Transit Center in Ann Arbor will be closed beginning March 18. Passenger fare will no longer be collected by drivers in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The AAATA has, in addition, suspended AirRide service to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport from the Blake Transit Center.