10/13/2019, 12:45pm

Police Blotter: Oct. 7 - Oct. 12

The Police Blotter is a report of criminal activity going on in Ypsilanti and Eastern Michigan University during the week of Oct. 7 through Oct. 12.

10/13/2019, 12:44pm

Office of Community Wellness donates 100 iClickers to aid students

In a Senate Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8, Speaker of the House Taylor Lawrence shares the progress of the iClicker project. The Office of Community Wellness donated 100 iClickers, and Lawrence applied for a grant from the Women in Philanthropy to expand the project. This project will allow students access to tools to enhance their education without having to spend more money.

10/12/2019, 12:24pm

Miscommunication evident in allocation processes

The Business and Finance Committee allocated $1,443 to EMU Gospel Choirs last winter semester. The funds were never transferred to the organization’s account after paperwork was likely misplaced during the allocation process. The Senate passed a resolution on Tuesday, Oct. 8 to allocate the original amount plus $57 as an apology to the organization.

10/7/2019, 10:24pm

EMU students celebrate Latin Night

The week of Sept. 30 to Oct. 5 was this year’s LSA Week, a week-long celebration put on by the Latinx Student Association (LSA) to engage EMU’s students and to hopefully recruit new members along the way. The annual Latin Night celebration took place at the McKenny Ballroom on Thursday night. Latin Night was put on by the LSA and sponsored by the Center of Race & Ethnicity.   

10/5/2019, 8:30am

The Business and Finance Committee reduces amount of money allocated since previous meeting

The Business and Finance Committee allocated money to the International Student Association, The United Nation Association, Optimize Eastern, women’s club softball and women’s club ultimate frisbee on Tuesday, Oct. 1. The senators allocated less than half of the amount they did at the previous committee meeting, alleviated some of the stress of overspending the budget.