1/28/2018, 10:51am

Philosophy department hosts first lecture of winter speaker series

Frustrated by the countless essays from his students on how men are oppressed as men, Higgins decided to present his research on how these claims can be flawed. In his lecture, “Three Hypotheses for Explaining the Alleged Oppression of Men,” he presents his findings and his own commentary following a questions from the attendees.

1/27/2018, 11:28am

Is EMU really safe?

More than 50 crimes involving sexual assault, theft, burglary, violence, vandalism, and harassments were reported on EMU’s campus within the first two months of the 2017 fall semester, according to the daily crime log. 

1/27/2018, 11:01am

EMU student Marawan Saadeldin talks on travel from Egypt

Eastern Michigan University’s newest ad campaign “You Are Welcome Here” shows that the university is proud to be a second home to many of the international students who decided to come to the United States and study there. One of the many international students that the university is host to is Marawan Saadeldin, an urban planning major and GIS minor from Alexandria, Egypt. 

1/14/2018, 11:33am

EMU International Students talk about their everyday struggles

Sai Priya Marrapu landed in Detroit, Michigan at 5 p.m. on Aug. 17 after a dreadful and hectic 28-hour flight from Hyderabad, India. Overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions after leaving her parents and home, she still had a strong desire to further her education.

1/14/2018, 11:05am

YpsiREAL and SPARK East promote Ypsilanti events

Usually when people think of Ypsilanti, the first thing that comes to mind is a small Rust Belt factory town that is overshadowed by its seemingly cooler and hipper neighbor Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. In most cases, people even forget that Ypsilanti also is a college town that is home to Eastern Michigan University. 

1/7/2018, 10:01am

A Recap of 2017

Yet another year is now put under our belts. So much has happened in 2017 that it would difficult to pinpoint what made it what it was. There are some good things and of course some bad things, but let’s take a step back and recall some major events that happened in the United States.

1/5/2018, 12:46pm

EMU students share their thoughts on #MeToo Campaign

While Washington and Hollywood are both seemingly worlds away from the small college town of Ypsilanti, many Eastern Michigan University students still have things to say about the sex scandals that many of America’s most powerful people are involved in.