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The tenth amendment is Michigan's best friend

Under the Michigan’s 1964 Constitution, no person was allowed to serve more than three consecutive terms in the House of Representatives or more than two consecutive terms in the Senate, the equivalent of six and twelve years respectively.

But instead of forcing each Michigan legislator to dedicate huge swaths of time to campaigning every two or six years, why not get rid of term limits?

Gamergate has to stop

This past summer a massive scandal rocked the gaming community. The ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn, an indie game developer, posted a blog entry accusing Zoe of cheating on him with a gaming journalist from the website Kotaku in order to secure positive press for one of her games.

This sparked a firestorm in the gaming community bringing to light concerns over the integrity of gaming journalists and problems of misogyny and sexism in video games and the gaming community.

Almost immediately gamers on the websites like 4chan and Reddit began harassing Quinn, and attacking her character.

Broken, but not bankrupt

The city of Ypsilanti is in trouble. City revenue decreased by -0.56 percent between 2004 and 2013, while debt connected to the Water Street project accumulated.

Given these problems, it is understandable that citizens would come to the conclusion that the city is a candidate for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Religious freedom needs to be considered

Bait and switch on gay marriage?

Over the course of this debate, one refrain has been consistent by those advocating in support of gay marriage: The religious liberties of clergy and religious officials will not be compromised.

Even when shop owners are sued for respectfully declining to provide services to gay marriage ceremonies, the refrain continues.

Campaign carpetbaggers

I would think it untoward of an Ohioan, Indianan, or Wisconsinite to move to Michigan and instantly call themselves a Michigander, but I would think it infringing of an Ohioan, an Indian, or a Wisconsinite to come to Michigan simply to interfere an election.

Government's response to Ebola is enough

Ebola has dominated news headlines over the past few weeks. Since late September three cases of Ebola have been confirmed in the U.S.: one Liberian man who has since passed away from Ebola and two nurses that had cared for him who are slowly recovering.