3/16/2021, 6:52pm

Opinion: Covid-19 has uncovered ugly truths on ableism in America

The quick accommodations made during the pandemic were needed, and when done right, worked effectively. But when disabled people have asked for similar or even lesser accommodations or accessibility, they are often turned away, shrugged off, or even have action taken against them. The pandemic shows us that these options were always possible—even when the ableism embedded in our culture told us it wasn’t. 

1/28/2021, 4:41pm

Opinion: Eli Savit’s first policies bring hope for a fairer criminal justice system

After being sworn in at the turn of the new year Eli Savit got straight to work, bringing forward ten policy directives in the past few weeks. They include a range of issues all focused on more restorative methods of justice, while also addressing the systemic discrimination within criminal justice. Though it is too early to calculate their direct impact, this is a promising start for the new Prosecuting Attorney.