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Veto the Keystone Pipeline

On Jan. 29, in one of their first acts, the Republican-controlled Senate approved the Keystone XL Pipeline by a 62-36 vote, and GOP lawmakers in the Senate have called passing the Keystone XL pipeline a “top priority,” according to U.S.

Tumblr and oppression

If anyone ever wants a slice of social justice and animated pictures of cats and TV shows, the website Tumblr is the place to go.

The psychology behind 'The Dress'

Unless you haven’t been on the Internet in the past few days, I’m sure you’ve seen “the dress that made the Internet explode.” There is a dress that looks distinctly different to different people.

Short Hair and Feminism

A couple of weeks ago, my fellow opinions columnist, Andrew Kocis, wrote an article about how similar our generation, the Millennials, is to the post-WWI “Lost Generation.” It was about this same point in history where the controversial “bob” haircut grew in increased popularity and I can’t help but compare it to the pixie-cut trend that’s going around today.

Smack in the middle of these two generations was the super long, straight hippie hair of the 70s.

Drones used for good

Just last night I saw a brief news story about the Federal Aviation Administration starting to consider new flight rules to adopt in consideration of flying drones that are starting to take to the skies in our country.

Comparing race and income

In 2014, Hope Landline and Irma Corral of East Carolina University recommended “[u]sing wealth . . . household income, education, and household size . . . in studies of racial-ethnic health disparities, [to] improve” the overall quality of a health study.

Appreciate the commonplace

In the summer of 2013 my brother and I travelled to Europe; he went to Italy, I went to Spain. The view in Madrid, Spain was either that the Catalans were unserious in their push for independence, or that they were only interested in economic and political gain.

The US electoral system is flawed

The way we elect our president is through the Electoral College system. While we do have a popular vote, it is the Electoral College that officially selects who our next president will be.

Take note of social media terms of service

In an article titled “Reading the Fine Print” printed in the Emerging Photographer, the National Press Photographers Association attorney Mickey Osterreicher explains to photographers the dangers of posting their work on social media platforms without reading all the terms of service.