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Government's response to Ebola is enough

Ebola has dominated news headlines over the past few weeks. Since late September three cases of Ebola have been confirmed in the U.S.: one Liberian man who has since passed away from Ebola and two nurses that had cared for him who are slowly recovering.

Detroit: Still intact

Of course, people will say that in Detroit’s bankruptcy the city has been sliced and diced and sold off for all of its parts, or that the rich will take it for all it has, but that just isn’t true.

When Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy on July 18, 2013, it filed with $18 billion in debt.

Should Teresa Pecovic have been deported?

I understand why Pecovic was deported; she failed to report to immigration authorities. But Pecovic had a Social Security number, a driver’s license, a job, filed and paid taxes, was educated in a Catholic high school, grew up in Detroit, was fluent in English, had no criminal record aside from her aforementioned offense, and was born in a country with which the U.S. is at peace.

Early voting is essential

On Sept. 29, the Supreme Court blocked an early voting measure in Ohio, which allowed voting to begin 35 days before Election Day.

EMU administration out of step with students

Every year since I became a student at Eastern Michigan University, students have complained about parking. I, a commuter, even wrote a column about why parking was not as bad as people thought. However, as enrollment has gone up and I have had more experience, I agree that we need more parking that is convenient to students.