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Ferguson: Who is to blame?

Looting in our own communities makes no sense. I understand that as a unit we are mad but what about when this is all over and this just becomes another faint memory we are going to look around and say we destroyed our community for what.

G.M., bailout a mistake

On Nov. 24, Candice Anderson was finally cleared of a murder that she didn’t commit.

For ten years, Anderson accepted the blame for the death of her boyfriend, Gene Mikale Erickson, who died in a car crash that took place on Nov.

Ending police brutality with technology

Over the Thanksgiving break, just before stores started opening for holiday shopping, the grand jury in Missouri announced their verdict in the Michael Brown case.

Knitting and stress

Stress is most likely the most common word spoken on a college campus. It follows us around like Eeyore’s little raincloud as we try to eat, sleep, and Netflix it away.

U.S. media and the Middle East

For years, United States officials and the corporate media have sought to create a conflict of interest with Iran by means of misinformation and fear-mongering.

Should EMU drop athletics?

Should universities like EMU, who will likely never have a profitable athletic department, be pioneers in higher education by distancing themselves from the current collegiate athletic model?

Financial growth isn't always most important

As the dentist removed my painfully infected tooth the other day, he told me about his latest experience in skiing downhill through the financiers’ maze.

“I used to believe this idea that ‘If we’re not growing, then we’re dying,’’ he said.

Cowboy capitalists: Winning by breaking the rules

The only way cowboy capitalists win is by breaking the rules. On an even playing field, abiding by the rules and regulations laid down by government, they can’t survive.

Cowboy capitalists are the corporate globalization wizards, pushing “free-market” fundamentalism, privatization of the public sphere, de-regulation, and freedom from taxation.

A Thanksgiving in retail

Thanksgiving is the holiday for family. Unlike every other holiday we celebrate, Thanksgiving is the only one we dedicate to coming together with our families, both extended and immediate, in order to enjoy each other’s company, eat an excessive amount of food and bond over how thankful we all are to be together.