11/20/2020, 8:01am

Review: Saying goodbye to Unus Annus

The one-year YouTube project Unus Annus may have come to an end, but it will still last beyond its deletion.

The past year, Unus Annus has filled the hearts and minds of just over 4 million people. Now, the channel is gone. The lasting effects of the channel, however, will stay with people for years to come. 

10/29/2020, 7:31pm

Opinion: Michigan expungement law will give many residents a new future

Bipartisan ‘Clean Slate’ legislation is now law after gaining signature from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, which will expand the eligibility for criminal record expungement. Having a criminal record has effects that reverberate throughout a person’s life, including long after the offense happened. This legislation is a needed step in the right direction to transforming Michigan’s criminal justice system.