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Action needs to be taken to improve voter turnout

Voter turnout in the 2014 election was historically low. According to data collected by the Institute for Democracy Electoral Assistance only 33.4 percent of the voting age population voted in the midterm elections of 2014, which is the lowest turnout since 1942.

No more hate-speech laws

Opinions Columnist

“There is nothing more terrifying than the absoluteness of one who believes he’s right,” wrote Libba Bray.

Lammily: Perfectly Imperfect Doll

Self-esteem problems and not feeling adequate are a gloomy reality for most women. Everywhere, we are faced with pictures of stick-thin models and ads for the latest and craziest fad diets.

Psychology behind terrorism

Terrorism is a universal problem that has been in the news for a long time. There have been conferences held and protests lead against this kind of violence, but nothing has worked effectively enough to eradicate it completely.

Will 'End It Movement' fuel change?

Earlier this week I saw a picture on my Instagram feed of two friends of mine. They had large red X’s drawn and colored on the backs of their hands.