Universities are not adequately aiding students after COVID-19.

Universities are not adequately aiding students after COVID-19.

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Opinion: Universities are focused on wealth over health in campus reopening plans

The GEO strike at the University of Michigan represents a growing sentiment that universities are prioritizing profits over public health and safety as classes return to session.

The University of Michigan filed a lawsuit against its grad student employees for the “disruptive” strike to get better COVID-19 protections and reforming policing on campus. While cancelled classes do disrupt schedules, a large infection rate would be much more disruptive. This is all part of the larger phenomena of university administrations insisting on a safe return to campus without much consultation with those who it will affect most. 

9/21/2020, 12:36pm

Opinion: Antifa, police suppression, and Black Lives Matter

Many young people know the state of our country isn’t ideal, but don’t know how to fix it. The answers can be found from the past, by taking notes from multiracial coalitions, the working class standing in solidarity, and community based activism. 

9/7/2020, 11:55am

Opinion: Incarcerated people are being left out of the COVID-19 conversation

 Amidst another spike in cases in Michigan’s correctional facilities, protections for incarcerated folks are few and far between. Inmates are facing neglect in both preventative measures and treatment for COVID-19. Someone’s criminal record should not prevent them from getting the care and protection they need during a global pandemic.