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A Thanksgiving in retail

Thanksgiving is the holiday for family. Unlike every other holiday we celebrate, Thanksgiving is the only one we dedicate to coming together with our families, both extended and immediate, in order to enjoy each other’s company, eat an excessive amount of food and bond over how thankful we all are to be together.

Examining agnosticism

If one was unsure whether fall or winter was the more beautiful season or whether Chopin or Mozart was the more masterful composer, the disagreement which would ensue would be purely academic.

What do we have to be thankful for?

Growing up, my parents were very instrumental in making sure that Thanksgiving was a day on which we made time to pause and think about the past year and all the things we were thankful for.

Smell the roses

When I first joined the workforce in the late sixties, a popular expression was “don’t work so hard -- take time to smell the roses.” The implication was that we’re in this life to enjoy ourselves and the world around us, not just to work and “get ahead.” Balance was a watchword.

Those among us with “Type A” personalities--the strivers and over-achievers--were admonished to slow down, take the time to relieve our stress by valuing enjoyment of nature or time to reflect and evaluate who we were and what we were doing.

Sadly, those days are over.

Lame duck, lame voters

Recently, the Michigan State Senate’s bill to raise fuel taxes to improve the roads passed by a 23 to 14 vote, in the lame duck session.

For those who do not know, a lame duck session is the time between the election and the beginning of the new state senate term.

Democrats and Republicans

As I am sure you know, Election Day has just passed. I have to admit I am very glad. Politics are almost impossible to get away from, as are conversations about them.

Democrats lack a defining message

Elections were last week and many predictions over their outcome came true. The Democrats lost seven contested Senate races against Republican challengers and incumbents, which cost the Democrats control of the Senate.