12/9/2015, 10:57am

Stop the Christmas 'tug of war'

In a previous article I brought some issues to light that can help explain why some Christians may react so extremely and perpetuate this War on Christmas.

12/6/2015, 11:06am

College students should be tax exempt

Like many students, I am employed through my university, and, even though I have a place to live with a meal plan, I often find myself desperately trying to scrape together enough money to buy my textbooks at the beginning of each semester (and I know I am not the only one who gets a twinge of pain after searching endlessly for the textbook I need and shelling out hundreds of dollars). With the cost of attending college, combined with the often low-income status of many students, college students should not be taxed. According to Time, the average person will pay 20 percent of their federal income to taxes.

11/30/2015, 1:07pm

When art enables abuse

In most forms of journalism and critique, there's an aspiration toward objectivity. Certainly, some forms call on it more than others, but in the world that I come from—music criticism and, in a larger context, culture journalism—the opinions of the writer are inextricably linked to the subject they're courting.

11/22/2015, 11:09am

Commuters can sometimes take family for granted

Commuting from home has become much more common for college students. In a recent national survey titled “How America Pays for College 2014” by Sally Mae, 54 percent of college students are now living at home.

11/19/2015, 9:06am

Trump and Carson: vast differences

When looking at the two Republican front runners—Donald Trump and Ben Carson—there are a great number of differences between them that cause people, who are thinking of voting Republican, to lean one way or the other.