3/10/2017, 2:35pm

​An open Letter from Judge Greg Mathis (ret.), Eastern Michigan University alumnus

Whereas: Beginning in September 2016, black students and others at Eastern Michigan University were victimized by multiple acts of racist vandalism on University property; Whereas: These hateful acts included references to the Ku Klux Klan and intimidating racial slurs telling black students to leave the University; Whereas: Hundreds of Eastern Michigan University students responded to these events and organized in peaceful protests intended to urge the University to respond to these vile acts by finding the perpetrators and taking steps to improve diversity and inclusion on campus; Whereas: Students were further intimidated and physically endangered during their peaceful protest when a car charged through the crowd and hit a motorcycle; Whereas: In November 2016, several University students continued their peaceful protests against hatred and racial intimidation by organizing a peaceful sit-in at the University; Whereas: The University charged several of the students at this peaceful sit-in with Student Code of Conduct violations and threatened them with suspension and/or expulsion; Whereas: In January 2017, peaceful protests at the University continued as the University had still not found the culprits of the acts of racism or taken meaningful steps to implement a campus climate of increased diversity and inclusion, but had levied significant charges against several peaceful protesters; Whereas: The University has recently reversed its citation of these University student protesters and cleared their record - there is more work and constructive change to be accomplished; Whereas: These series of events can and should be corrected by the University taking action to demonstrate greater support of its minority student population.

3/7/2017, 12:52pm

'Logan' should get a best picture nomination

Logan could be the first comic-book movie to get a best picture nomination. It is so good as a movie that you might just forget it’s a comic book. Logan is the third movie in the Wolverine stand-alone movies, which are part of the X-Men saga.

1/22/2017, 8:40pm

Jamie Foxx disappoints in 'Sleepless'

Actor Jamie Foxx is known for starring in academy award winning movies – including “Ray” and “Collateral.” His new film “Sleepless” is not one of them. “Sleepless” stars Jamie Foxx and T.I.

1/15/2017, 11:10pm

My most anticipated games of 2017

A new year is upon us, and that means a brand-new set of games will be coming out. As a lifelong gamer myself, there are many games that specifically have my attention, and I am really looking forward to.

1/15/2017, 10:47pm

"Hidden Figures" represents various themes of race and sex

Not that often do you see a film centering around a historical woman, let alone three, let alone African-American women, let alone the very women who sent the United States first man around the orbit of the Earth! "Hidden Figures" is a 2016 biographical drama, based on the book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterfly, telling the story of three best friends who worked on the NASA space program, and more specifically Project Mercury and later the Apollo II mission. The story centers around brilliant mathematician and child prodigy, Katherine Johnson, fellow mathematician, Dorothy Vaughan and engineer-to-be, Mary Jackson as they worked toward sending the first man in orbit around the Earth. What I liked most about this film was the various themes brought up in regards to race and sex.

11/8/2016, 8:33pm

Third presidential debate: thank God it’s almost over

America collectively grimaced as the two major party presidential candidates hit the stage on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump verbally sparred in front of Chris Wallace, Fox News political commentator.

11/7/2016, 10:44am

Eagle on the street

Tyler Kochman, 20, is a sophomore majoring in Urban and Regional Planning. “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

10/23/2016, 8:27pm

The Black and White: A rape case

Do not tell me white privilege doesn’t exist when young white men convicted of rape are given lighter sentences than those who have committed the same crime but with a different skin tone. Three cases have risen to the media’s attention in recent months.

9/27/2016, 5:30pm

Why I stand with Colin Kaepernick

For a country that enslaved a race of people for centuries, took away their rights for another 100 years, and continues to heavily incarcerate people with melanin in their skin, I understand why an African-American would not want to stand for the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick shocked the world by taking a knee.

5/4/2016, 12:09pm

EMU's wasted money on football is appalling

I didn't get to see the Real Sports HBO special that aired Tuesday, April 19th, about Eastern Michigan University's spending on sports (I was too busy thinking about how I'm going to pay off my student debt), but I've read enough about it to know that my university has spent $52 million in the last two years on sports, according to the show.

4/17/2016, 10:33am

Don't vote for Hillary Clinton just because she's a woman

I understand the significance of electing a woman president, but Hillary Clinton is not the right woman for the job. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Hillary Clinton is a woman, especially if you pay attention to politics (and if you didn’t know, just watch the next democratic presidential primary debate, where she will assuredly remind us of that fact any time she feels like she’s losing traction among audience members), and, in all honesty, it’s getting a bit tiring constantly hearing about her gender, as if it has some sort of bearing on her ability to govern.

4/10/2016, 10:12am

The case for taxing churches

The primary reason churches in the United States have been tax-exempt thus far is due to the protection granted to them through the separation of church and state.

4/3/2016, 10:01am

We're all responsible for Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump officially announced that he was running for president on June 16th, 2015. Speaking from Trump Tower in New York City, the then newly-announced candidate opened with a no-substance quip about the supposed idiocy and gutlessness of the other candidates saying, “How are they going to beat ISIS?