7/6/2020, 5:26pm

Review: My view on "The View"

This show has been on-air for over two decades, yet it’s anything but stale. It may seem like a show aimed at one demographic, but it’s a show that deserves a much wider audience. 

7/1/2020, 9:55am

Opinion: Abortion rights still under threat despite SCOTUS ruling

Chief Justice John Roberts has granted lower courts and state litigants an outline for arguing cases similar to Whole Women’s Health and June Medical Services while states still qualify abortions as elective procedures not only in an economic sense, but also in determining physical access to healthcare. The recent Supreme Court decision is not the shining victory journalists and activists want it to be.

6/9/2020, 10:59am

Opinion: Now is the time for data-driven, common sense police reform

American legislative bodies and advocacy groups should take advantage of the consensus around needing police reform. Part of that is having an honest conversation about what reforms work, how to push them through, and how to navigate reform while keeping unlikely allies motivated to join and continue the cause.

6/1/2020, 6:48pm

Review: A Virtual Solution to Quarantine Problems

With many of us still stuck in our homes and away from our loved ones, we’re forced to find new and creative solutions to help shorten that six-foot gap. New advancements in Virtual Reality might just help us do that, and could make future events like this much easier to bear.

6/1/2020, 12:47pm

Opinion: Building a better (online) college experience

Colleges and universities across this country are in the process of deciding whether or not their institutions will be open again in the fall. As more and more institutions are beginning to consider an online-only approach, certain changes need to be made to how this approach is implemented if higher education wants to survive this moment in history.