5/27/2020, 6:32pm

Opinion: A Showdown for the Ages

The general election debates are just a few short months away. With so much at stake, and the nation struggling to find its way out of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a debate between current President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, would certainly be much-watch television. 

5/15/2020, 9:00pm

Opinion: Conspiracism is a popular phenomenon; addressing it requires understanding and dialogue rather than censorship

The best way to navigate popular conspiracy theories is to approach them from the understanding that these theories are a mostly natural phenomenon and that people aren’t necessarily wrong to endorse some of them. They may be factually incorrect, but they are not behaviorally out-of-bounds. Popular conspiracy theories should also be approached with the knowledge that public debate itself can put a ceiling on conspiracy theories. Facebook and Youtube may have added fuel to the conspiratorial fire by removing the “Plandemic” video.

5/15/2020, 8:59pm

Opinion: Achieving herd immunity without a vaccine could be the only way to end the COVID-19 pandemic

Among the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic is the potential for herd immunity via a majority of Americans contracting and recovering from the virus. While social distancing is a proper first response, a long-lasting lockdown may have far-reaching consequences ideologically and economically. Soon we must approach the next step of our response, and that response requires more Americans to contract the virus as we receive more data and develop more “best practices.”