7/21/2020, 6:02pm

Opinion: A local perspective on Native American mascotization

The Eagles used to be the Hurons, the Stanford Cardinals used to be the Indians, and the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians are exploring a name-change. This change is also being reflected in nearby Clinton, as well as other high schools around the United States. These pushes aren’t new, and the rationale hasn’t changed much: mascotization isn’t the honor some think it is.

7/11/2020, 2:22pm

Op-Ed: As EMU plans its reopening, lives have to come first

EMU’s plans for reopening are right around the median between full campus operations and a fully online effort. While university officials claim to keep students’ health and safety as a priority, it is important that students hold them to that standard.

7/6/2020, 5:26pm

Review: My view on "The View"

This show has been on-air for over two decades, yet it’s anything but stale. It may seem like a show aimed at one demographic, but it’s a show that deserves a much wider audience. 

7/1/2020, 9:55am

Opinion: Abortion rights still under threat despite SCOTUS ruling

Chief Justice John Roberts has granted lower courts and state litigants an outline for arguing cases similar to Whole Women’s Health and June Medical Services while states still qualify abortions as elective procedures not only in an economic sense, but also in determining physical access to healthcare. The recent Supreme Court decision is not the shining victory journalists and activists want it to be.