Aaron Huff


Media handing out special treatment

Last week I was reflecting on all the newsworthy stories of the spring, when I came upon a stirring conclusion about Detroit. Being strained by both financial and criminal problems, it seems to be falling further into peril with each sunset.

Jonny Corndawg to bring unique flair to Blind Pig

An oddity is coming to the Bling Pig. On Nov. 8 the downtown Ann Arbor venue will host country singer Jonny Fritz, better known by his stage name Jonny Corndawg. Even at first glance, the artist’s scraggley beard, obscure guitar coverings, retro clothing and website – pissonford.org – proves one thing: The rural Virginia-born singer is far from mainstream.

Tips for preparing your car for winter

The winter can be trying on a college student. The cold weather has not dilly-dallied in arriving this year, and as students with hectic schedules, being caught off guard is the last thing we want when it’s below zero. In preparation, some students might buy window coverings and curtains for heat efficiency in their dorms and apartments.

Common comes to EMU

Eastern Michigan University students will have the chance Oct. 18 to meet hip-hop lyricist Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., more widely known as Common. Common, a renowned hip-hop artist, actor and philanthropist, will be holding a book signing at 7 p.m.

Halle, not just books

I was sitting in a classroom attempting to stare through a chalkboard the first time I’d heard of Halle Library.

Ypsi tower history

During the second Industrial Revolution, when Americans were taking a step back to dedicate and admire great man-made achievements such as the Transcontinental Railroad, in the small southeastern Michigan city of Ypsilanti, a population of a few thousand had the chance to witness their own significant erection, the Ypsilanti Water Tower. The structure, which predominately consists of Juliet stone, took five years and $21,435 to build back in the day.