Ally Graham


P!nk’s Forward-Thinking Parenting Style

American popstar and activist P!nk said in a recent interview that she is raising her children in a label-less household to allow them to feel free to discover their own sexuality and gender expression, and it has sparked a discussion.

Feminism Isn’t A Bad Word

Over the past few years, the feminist movement has been beaten down and given a negative connotation, but it’s only being misunderstood.  

A New Night Out For EMU Students

Local rapper and entrepreneur Anthony Meeks and his team of nine have created a new nightlife social event for students at EMU, and it’s gaining traction quick.  

How To Overcome The January Blues

The holiday season has passed and January is upon us. Although it just seems like a new month, there is something about this time of year that needs to be talked about more. 

Social Media's Impact on Body Image

Whether it’s photos at the beach, a night out with friends, or selfies with your cat, we all tend to share the best parts of our life on social media. But for some people, social media has turned into something much more serious.