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Ypsilanti BLM protests draws several hundred people

On Saturday, June 6, a peaceful, Black Lives Matter demonstration took place in Ypsilanti with approximately several hundred participants to protest police brutality against Black people in the United States. Protesters marched peacefully from the Ypsilanti District Library to the Ypsilanti Police Department.

Local bicycle shops experience a sudden boom of sales during pandemic

Two Michigan-based bicycle shops, Wheels in Motion and Tree Fort Bike, experienced unexpected rapid growth of bicycle sales in wake of the social distancing restrictions in Michigan due to the pandemic. Nationally, cycling has suddenly become super popular as it is a healthy exercise and adheres to social distancing practices.

Accident Brief: Car flips just off-campus on Washtenaw and Oakwood

A car accident occured at the intersection of Washtenaw Ave. and Oakwood St. around 11 a.m on Monday, Feb. 3. The car involved in the accident was flipped upside down, however the driver is in stable medical condition. The accident was inview of the the Mark Jefferson Science Complex and McKenny Hall of EMU.