Corson Nikkel


Is a college degree really worth it?

The Huffington Post’s Lucy Sherriff comments on the fact that Ernst & Young, an international professional services firm headquartered in London, U.K., will no longer be using a college degree as a criteria for its positions.

The NFL is a leech on society

It’s football season again and, for me, that means it’s the time of year when I pick the football team I follow in order to appease my modern-gladiatorial-game-watching friends.

Government ruins capitalism

Capitalism is an ideology and, like many ideologies, it requires multiple factors that only exist in a textbook to ensure it works 100 percent of the time with 100 percent efficiency.

Accepting authority for authority's sake is dangerous

Authority in the United States is given too much room for error and interpretation. Allowing authority figures, paid for by the American tax dollars, too much leniency is like two parents telling a child not to open the cookie jar, but then leave him unattended for a week.

Reaganomics doesn't work

Trickle-down economics has become a popular phrase in conservative media since their king, President Reagan, in the 1980s.