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Dean of Students presents to the Board of Regents

Since the department’s formalization in 2016, the Dean of Students has received nearly 450 requests of notification for professors of student emergency absence. The office will provide solutions to students encompassing a variety of situations including student hospitalization, physical or mental health concerns, personal crisis or family emergency concerns. 

Eastern Michigan paid an additional deposit toward contaminated land

As of June 4, the university has payed an additional $400,000 towards the purchase of an 11 acre property across from Eastern's Ann St. parking lot. The property is considered a "Brownfields property" by the EPA. This is the second deposit paid by the university after an initial $45,000. 

EMU raises student tuition for 2019 school year

At the June 13 Board of Regents meeting an increase of 4.4 percent was approved for undergraduate tuition. According to the Board of Regents, the State of Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency has recommended to the Governor a tuition restraint cap of 4.4 percent. This puts the undergraduate tuition increase at the state maximum.