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Ypsilanti City Council holds brief meeting to finish timely business

The mayor addressed the council regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, describing the situation as “unprecedented.” The mayor told members,“Whatever decisions we make, and whatever choices we make are all going to be with the health and the safety of our community at the heart of it all.” 

Patient who tested positive for COVID-19 in treatment at U of M Hospital

In response to the positive cases, Whitmer announced a state of emergency “in order to slow the spread of the virus. Currently 27 COVID-19 patient tests are pending in the state. 91 patient tests in the state have shown negative results for the virus. 150 Michigan residents currently recommended for virus testing or monitoring are under active monitorization. 

Accident Brief: Car flips just off-campus on Washtenaw and Oakwood

A car accident occured at the intersection of Washtenaw Ave. and Oakwood St. around 11 a.m on Monday, Feb. 3. The car involved in the accident was flipped upside down, however the driver is in stable medical condition. The accident was inview of the the Mark Jefferson Science Complex and McKenny Hall of EMU. 

Halle Library Ground and First Floor Reopened

Halle Library ground and first floors will be open for regular use Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 9:00 a.m. On Tuesday, Jan. 7, Eastern Michigan University’s unexpectedly closed Halle Library temporarily due to an “emergency smoke alert”.